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Now, a good education is about so much more than just learning geometry or memorizing dates in history. All of that is important, but an education is also about exploring new things discovering what makes you come alive, and then being your best at whatever you choose
— Michelle Obama —

It's all a matter of perception.
What one person deems to be important may be just as equally unimportant to another.
What one deems to be right may seem very wrong to someone else.
Your moral compass and values may not always be totally in sync with others you meet.
In the end it's all just your perception of how you choose to live your life and this may not always win you friends. In fact it may gain you some enemies.
Live your life how you choose to and if people don't like the way you do things then disagree if you must, but be nice & be respectful and then if you must, move on and leave it all behind you.
It's your life after all and only you can live it. Choose your path and set your compass then start walking.

— Michael Tianias

In life you get the choice, it depends on what you choose and how you live with the consequences to whether you win or lose!

— Adam Johnston

My father once told me that a happy ending is just the place where you choose to stop telling the story. So this is where I choose to stop. More things are still going to happen, of course, some good, some bad. Some things never get any better. When people die they stay dead. None of us knows why we love, or why we stop loving, or why everyone we love we lose.

— Leah Stewart

The journey of personal development is full of twists and turns. There are forks in the road, and at times it can seem impossible to decide which is the right road to take. In these moments remember that there really is no wrong road. Whichever direction you choose will offer lessons as valuable as the other. Travel with lightness in your step, because as long as you are putting one foot in front of the other, you will grow into the person you are striving to become. - Lisa Prosen

— Bryant McGill

There are so many huge roles in the theatre: if you've got the option to play Hedda Gabler on stage, why wouldn't you choose that over a three-line part in a Hollywood film as somebody's maid or somebody's wife or somebody's best friend?

— Eve Best

And the next time you choose to project into my dreams, do keep your clothes on." He smiled. It was a very male, self-aware smile, not just sexual but carnal. The predatory look in his eyes turned ravaging. I felt the need to grab a napkin and hold it in front of me like a shield. "I can project, but I would have to be next to you to do it." Oh crap.

— Ilona Andrews

When you choose to be an actor, you are going against the odds.

— Olivia Wilde

To be a role model is not something you choose, it is chosen for you and once it is you must accept the responsibility bestowed upon you

— Luke Wood

I think you reveal yourself by what you choose to photograph, but I prefer photographs that tell more about the subject. There's nothing much interesting to tell about me; what's interesting is the person I'm photographing, and that's what I try to show. [ ... ] I think each photographer has a point of view and a way of looking at the world ... that has to do with your subject matter and how you choose to present it. What's interesting is letting people tell you about themselves in the picture.

— Mary Ellen Mark

Everyone has a comfort zone. Worth considering: How hard (and how often) are you willing to work to get out of it? You can turn that into a habit if you choose.

— Seth Godin

My psychoanalysis has equipped you with the equivalent of a train ticket to recovery. It is now your decision whether or not you choose to make full use of it.

— Sigmund Freud

You not only choose between two ways of life but you choose between two masters.

— Billy Graham

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