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You Are Awesome Because Quotes

The thing about fires most people dont realise is the noise. Its deafening so even if you shout, you cant be heard three feet away. You can never quite get used to the fury of it, its like a mighty roar of anger that just keeps going. I suppose flame is beautiful, the way it leaps into the air like its free to do what it wants. Other elements are also free and I guess the sea can be pretty awesome, wind too, and lightning, but fire has a mind and a determination. You dont see it as a blind raging thing, which I suppose it is, but something that attacks and thinks and changes tactics. It has a malevolence that uses surprise, dirty tricks, cunning. You get to think of it as someone, not something, and its someone you have to beat, but right from the start you dont like your chances because its so big and unpredictable and can do so much harm.
— Bryce Courtenay —

Sometimes, your future is already set, and there is nothing you can about it. there are somethings you just can't change, no matter how hard you work. Unfair, don't you think? It isn't an easy fact to accept, and I'm not telling you to, but that's just how life is. Unfair
But no matter how hard i think about it, i just believe everything in this world is beautiful. The sky, birds, bugs,frogs,flowers and even rocks. Nature is really awesome, because, if God created this world, could there really be anything dirty and ugly in it?

— Opoku Oduro Emmanuel

I was conceived because it would be good for my House to have an heir and because my parents' genes ticked the right set of boxes. You were probably conceived because your parents loved each other."
"According to our mother," Bern said, "he was conceived because she was too wasted to remember a rubber."
Mad Rogan stopped chewing.
"I was conceived because my mother skipped bail. Her boyfriend at the time threatened to call the cops on her so she had to do something to keep him from doing it," Bern said helpfully.
Awesome. Just the right kind of information to share.
"Aunt Giselea isn't the best mother," I said. "There's one in every family.

— Ilona Andrews

Everyone says that the internet is so awesome because you can connect with people from all over the world, but I think it's the opposite. The internet doesn't make it easier to connect with anyone-it just makes it so you don't really have to.

— Sarah Ockler

I'm a person who gets better with practice. Getting older is awesome - because you get more practice.

— Zooey Deschanel

Awesome axes," Josh said. "Where did you-" "Your mom gave them to me," Janet said. "After I fucked her." "Why-" "Because she enjoyed it so much.

— Lev Grossman

Raziel's sixty feet tall?"
"Actually, he's only fifty-nine feet tall, but he likes to exaggerate," said Magnus.
Isabelle clicked her tongue in annoyance. "Valentine raised an angel in his cellar. I
don't see why you need all this space-"
"Because Valentine is just WAY MORE AWESOME than me,

— Cassandra Clare

When you play the old songs, it's awesome and I love it, but it's not work because everyone already knows it and it's easy. I have to break the crowd in on a new song and that's what is kind of cool and fun.

— Shwayze

What makes you happy is seeing someone else smile because you put it there. That's what's awesome about living in this world.

— Zach Sobiech

If someone says you are not capable or can't have something, keep pushing because you can. And it's not because you're special, but it's because everyone possesses the ability to be awesome. The reason people say, 'No, you can't,' 'God doesn't want you to,' or they make laws is because they know that you have that in you. And they are scared to lose their superior standing.

— Philip DeFranco

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