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Yes Please Quotes

Coraline opened the box of chocolates. The dog looked at them longingly. "Would you like one?" she asked the little dog. "Yes, please," whispered the dog. "Only not toffee ones. They make me drool." "I thought chocolates werent very good for dogs," she said, remembering something Miss Forcible had once told her. "Maybe where you come from," whispered the little dog. "Here, its all we eat.
— Neil Gaiman —

Will ye come with me?" he whispered.
And she answered without hesitation. "Yes, please.

— Elizabeth Hoyt

CUSTOMER: OK, so you want this book?
CUSTOMER: Peter Pan?
THEIR DAUGHTER: Yes, please. Because he can fly.
CUSTOMER: Yes, he can - he's very good at flying.
THEIR DAUGHTER: Why can't I fly, daddy?
CUSTOMER: Because of evolution, sweetheart.

— Jen Campbell

October twenty-second ... " Lee read, trailing off as she reached the year. Her insides went cold. She whirled around, her voice quavering. "What is this? Don't screw with me!"
"What is it?" Nasser asked?
"The date is wrong." He knew it, of course. He had to know.
"How wrong?"
"Seven years wrong!" Lee shrieked. "What is this? Where am I?"
Nasser opened his mouth, but all that came out was a series of stammers. Filo glared at him, then turned to Lee. "You want to know what's happening?"
"Yes," Lee sobbed, nodding feebly. "Please."
"Okay," Filo offered. "What do you know about faeries?

— Kaye Thornbrugh

Chance wore a white tuxedo with tails. On anyone else? Doopy. On him? Yes, please.

— Kathy Reichs

Yes, please leave us, the mere presence of beings like yourselves is intensely painful to us.

— Gene L. Coon

A Shirley Temple," I ordered. He blinked. I ignored that and went on, "And I'd like for someone to tell Mr. Spear I'm here, if that's possible. You can tell him it's Josephine Malone." He stared at me for a moment then asked, "You want a Shirley Temple?" "Yes, please," I confirmed. "And for Mr. Spear to be told I'm here, if you don't mind.

— Kristen Ashley

Hello," David said. "I'm David Sawyer, and I'm running for the third district council seat. Can I talk to you about my platform?" "Oh, yes, please," said Fuin. "And I will also talk to you. About your soul. And how it is forfeit to the spears of the Penetrating Gods." "I'm sorry," David said. "I'm not a follower of your religion." "That's the best part!" Fuin said. "You don't have to be! You'll still be impaled! Isn't it wonderful. Come in, come in.

— John Scalzi

You want a beer?" she said. A beer! At 3:01 a.m. Ridiculous. "Yes, please.

— Graeme Simsion

Fuck me! he belted out. Yes, please, his cock replied with a kick.

— J.R. Ward

I think I know what's wrong with you ... Walk up onto that pitcher's mound ... Does your stomach hurt now?"
"Yes! Ow! Ooo! Yes!"
"All right, now come down off the mound ... There ... Has it stopped hurting?"
"Yes ... Yes, I think it has!"
"There's your trouble ... Five cents, please!

— Charles M. Schulz

I need his address."
Sean went brows up. "His address."
"Yes, please."
"You going to show him a good time?" he asked. "Because darlin', he sure could use it."
"I'm on it," she said and then realized what he'd meant, which was not what she'd meant. "Wait, that's not
"Oh, it's way too late," Sean said, laughing his ass off.

— Jill Shalvis

See, my idea of cute comes with an IQ requirement. It's geeky cute. It's Rivers Cuomo, not Justin Timberlake. It's Gideon Yago, not Brian Mcfayden. Jimmy Fallon, yes please! Brad Pitt, no thank you.

— Megan McCafferty

She sat down again. "Oh, Dominic, love has no measure." "What?" "I mean, yes, please kiss me.

— Jeanne Birdsall

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