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X3 Reunion Quotes

Reunion reveals friendship potential that havent yet been emerged in the past.
— Toba Beta —

A shrieking rise of power rushed into my pathways, rocking me against the wall. Ido's body slammed into mine. He was not going to let go. Not now. The Rat Dragon howled, his heavy blue force driven back by the onslaught of sinuous gold. Raw,rejoicing energy flooded my seven centers of power; opening,pushing, seeking. And behind it all, a presence exulting in the joy of release and reunion. I looked up and finally my mind-sight was clear. I could see the Mirror Dragon. My Dragon.

— Alison Goodman

They tell me that you have been crying in your sleep. Do not grieve our separation, my love, for our reunion will come just as swiftly.
-Letter from unknown prisoner, convicted of treason, to fiancee

— Marie Lu

Cassandra Gregory?" I say, not able to keep the question out of my voice. "I'm Grace, your
The door slams in my face before I can finish.
Well this is not a good start to our reunion.

— Tera Lynn Childs

Without a reunion, the Eagles are forever young, like James Dean.

— Glenn Frey

If you share a common ancestor with somebody, you're related to them. It doesn't mean that you're going to invite them to the family reunion, but it means that you share DNA. I think it's fascinating.

— Henry Louis Gates

About 80 percent of the photos on Flickr are public and searchable by everyone. In one sense, it's a place where people upload snapshots from the family reunion, wedding or the birth of a baby or something like that, but it's also a place where people go to show what the world looks like to them.

— Stewart Butterfield

One of the best things about Heaven is that we will be able to reunite with loved ones who have already passed on. It will be the greatest family reunion we've ever known, with our loved ones, relatives and ancestors all together in one place at the same time, rejoicing. All together at last!

— David Berg

I think that the success of the franchise is helpful for launching different aspects of my career. It's sort of the reliable cousin that you can always count on for every family reunion. Because of 'Step Up' I've been able to really take my career to the next level. I have them to thank for a lot of my success.

— Alyson Stoner

The force of love, the force of reunion is unstoppable.

— Charles Eisenstein

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