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Would Do Anything Quotes

If they asked me, I would do anything for the South Park guys.
— Marc Jacobs —

The feeling of not being enough for someone, of knowing you would do anything for them and they not the same for you. I didn't want to, but I felt bad for her. I wanted to hate her, but I couldn't. I couldn't blame her for what she didn't know.

— Courtney Giardina

Alexandria Rhodes Quotes: Bryn he said do you know how much i love
Bryn," he said. "Do you know how much I love you?"
I smiled and answered with a hint of sarcasm in my tone, "Well, I'm not quite sure."
"No, I'm serious," Tyler said, turning over onto his side so that he was facing me. His eyes were serious, something that I only saw when he really had something to say.
"Yeah, I do. It's the kind that hurts so good, right? Almost like you can't breathe without the other person and the only thing that keeps you sane throughout the day is knowing that you'll see that person soon enough. Nothing can come between you and that person. You would do anything for them. Be anyone they need you to be. Without thinking twice, you know you will be there, no matter what. That's what loving you is to me.

— Alexandria Rhodes

He's been looking out for your heart since the day he met you, holding it in those massive bloody hands of his and making sure no one hurts it. He would do anything for you, you know that, right?

— Lexxie Couper

Dorothy Garlock Quotes: She wasnt certain of exactly what they
She wasn't certain of exactly what they had together; she doubted Owen knew, either; but whatever it was, she desperately wanted to hold on to it. They were only at the beginning of what they could become together; if she could help it, she would do anything that she could to keep it from ending.

— Dorothy Garlock

K.A. Linde Quotes: I would do anything i could to go back
I would do anything I could to go back to that time when we could have been together and change the way I acted. I'd change it, because we were fated to be together however brief, however unbelievable, however painful, however flawed.- Jack Howard

— K.A. Linde

He's the type of person who loves the idea of being an outsider because he thinks by not belonging it makes him superior in some way. What he doesn't get is that the real outsiders would do anything to be on the inside. A real outsider can't be seen at all. They're people who look like they belong when inside they know they don't. They're people who would do anything to appear normal, while harboring the secret knowledge that they're anything but normal.

— Lisa O'Donnell

I get glimpses of the horror of normalcy. Each of these innocents on the street is engulfed by a terror of their own ordinariness. They would do anything to be unique.

— Katherine Dunn

I swear, if you touch me, I'll go Lorena Bobbitt on you." Lorena Bobbitt? Why does that sound-oh my God, the lady that chopped off her husband's dick? I busted out laughing and put my pillow over my face. "Oh my God! Princess! You're my new favorite!" That's it, that comment right there, and it was sealed. I would do anything to have this beautiful gray-eyed princess lying next to me, as mine.

— Molly McAdams

I would do anything to stay beside you forever.

— Laura Whitcomb

So ... will you stay with me until it's over? Please?"
"Kaylee, I would do anything for the girl who granted my dying wish.

— Rachel Vincent

Everything you do seduces me. All you need to do is breathe and I would do anything for you.

— Ashley March

You remember that Christmas when they got ill?" Mum says presently. "The year they were about two and three? Remember? And got poo all over their Christmas stockings, and it was everywhere, and we said, "It has to get easier than this"?"
"I remember."
"We were cleaning it all up and we kept saying to each other, "When they get older, it'll get easier." Remember?"
"I do." Dad looks fondly at her.
" Well bring back the poo." Mum begins to laugh, a bit hysterically. "I would do anything for a bit of poo right now."
"I dream of poo," says Dad firmly, and Mum laughs even more, till she's wiping tears from her eyes.

— Sophie Kinsella

"I am sorry that I hurt you. I don't have the words to tell you how sorry I am about that." ... "I would do anything to take that part away. I would do anything to change the hurt I know I caused you. But I can't be sorry about making the bet with Ella and Beth because if I hadn't done that, I would never have gotten to know you.

— Cindy C. Bennett

I would do anything to keep her safe. Kill. Heal. Die. Anything. Because she was my everything
- Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

I wanted to be someone, someone important. I wanted to be revered, I wanted to be respected, I wanted to be loved. I wanted it all so much that I remember thinking I would do anything for it. I would give anything for it.

— Karina Halle

Nothing and no one had ever belonged to him and only him-except Legion. Not that she would do anything necessary to save him, nor would he do anything necessary to save her. But. Yeah, there was always a but with him. He had been her first lover-and he wanted to be her last.

— Gena Showalter

'Wild Swans' showed me there are Chinese traditions that still affect my life. For example, it's not that women are inferior, exactly, but my dad and my brother are the most important men in my life and I would do anything for them. I feel like I should be the one cooking and looking after them.

— Katie Leung

I tried to reassure him with every line about how the world is hard and unfair sometimes, but that it's all OK because he is so loved. He is surrounded by souls who would do anything to help him. And not only that
he has wisdom and patience of his own, buried deep inside his being, which will only reveal themselves over time and will always carry him through any trial. He is a gift from God to all of us.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

For me, family always comes first; I would do anything to protect them.

— Mark Wahlberg

For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die.

— Charles Lamb

Stephen Graham Jones Quotes: I think america would do anything
I think America would do anything through a drive-through.

— Stephen Graham Jones

The notion that we won the war against Iraq is like saying we won a war against Arizona. I mean, the fact of the matter is it's not that big of a country. Nobody, I don't think, had any notion that we would do anything but win it.

— Carol Moseley Braun

I'm a really selfish person. But I would do anything for my friends.

— Jami Attenberg

I would do anything for a part, nearly anything. Being in movies doesn't mean being pretty.

— Diane Kruger

And they got blackout drunk one night and it just happened. It was basically an accident, and he gave me the most sincere and moving confession of all time, swore to God he loved me so much and would do anything to convince me, blah blah blah, but it didn't matter, I kept thinking about it and running it through my head and just burning with it. I cried every night for weeks. Practically wore the binary off all my saddest Mp3s.

— Isaac Marion

I hope that I have gained the reputation of being someone that would do anything. I think that that's an admirable reputation to have if you're an actor.

— Joe Lo Truglio

For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything. If my career were of that better kind that there was any opportunity or capacity of sacrifice in it, I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you. Try to hold me in your mind, at some quiet times, as ardent and sincere in this one thing. The time will come, the time will not be long in coming, when new ties will be formed about you
ties that will bind you yet more tenderly and strongly to the home you so adorn
the dearest ties that will ever grace and gladden you. O Miss Manette, when the little picture of a happy father's face looks up in yours, when you see your own bright beauty springing up anew at your feet, think now and then that there is a man who would give his life, to keep a life you love beside you!

— Charles Dickens

To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.

— Oscar Wilde

I have a great deal of sympathy for reluctant readers because I was one. I would do anything to avoid reading. In my case, it wasn't until I was 13 and discovered the 'Lord of the Rings' that I learned to love reading.

— Rick Riordan

You are keeping the possibility [of peace] open. No wise leader would do anything less

— Patrick Ness

My husband would do anything for me ... ' It's degrading. No human being ought to have such power over another."
"It's a very real power, Harriet."
"Then ... we won't use it. If we disagree, we'll fight it out like gentlemen. We won't stand for matrimonial blackmail.

— Dorothy L. Sayers

As the cubs slept, Peggy licked their burnt-orange coats clean and watched over them diligently. The way she looked at them as they slept, you knew she would do anything to protect them. Even with only one good paw. Even if it meant she would have to sacrifice her own life to keep them safe. Witnessing that kind of unconditional love was a miracle of nature. Moments like those are what made me want to become a vet. Secretly,

— Chuck Palahniuk

If they asked me, I would do anything for the 'South Park' guys.

— Marc Jacobs

Carrie Ann Ryan Quotes: Quinn would do anything for his son
Quinn would do anything for his son.
Including mate the one person he refused to want.

— Carrie Ann Ryan

Colleen Hoover Quotes: When i say you just know its because you
When I say you just know, it's because you will. You won't question it. You don't wonder if what you feel is actually love, because when it is, you'll be absolutely terrified that you're in it. And when that happens, your priorities will change. You won't think about yourself and your own happiness. You'll only think about that person, and how you would do anything to see them happy. Even if it meant walking away from them and sacrificing your own happiness for theirs.

— Colleen Hoover

I read reviews a lot for the audiobooks I narrate, so I've seen the comments about how readers would do anything to make book boyfriends real. Here I am, convinced I'm standing in the arms of one, and I'm about to walk away from him.

— Colleen Hoover

J.A. Redmerski Quotes: Its not only about sadness in truth
It's not only about sadness. In truth, sadness really has little to do with it. Depression is pain in its purest form and I would do anything to be able to feel an emotion again. Any emotion at all. Pain hurts, but pain that's so powerful that you can't feel anything anymore, that's when you start to feel like you're going crazy.

— J.A. Redmerski

I was going to have to leave you anyway. Because I loved you too much to drag you
down with me."
My hand crept up to caress the rigid line of his jaw. "Why'd you change your mind?" I whispered.
"After I calmed down a little and had a chance to think, I figured ... I love you enough to try and deserve you. I would do anything, be anything, for you.

— Lisa Kleypas

Have you ever wanted something so much that you would do anything to have it - even knowing that it was bad for you?"
"Of course," Adam replied. "All truly enjoyable things in life are invariably bad for you - and they are even better when done to excess.

— Lisa Kleypas

One of my professors once told me that the last official act of the British monarchy was when Queen Victoria refused to sign a law that made same-sex acts illegal. It would have made me think more highly of her, except the reason she objected was because she didn't believe women would do anything like that. Parliament rewrote the law so it was specific to men, and she signed it. A tribute to enlightenment, Queen Victoria was not. Neither, as I have observed before, are werewolf packs.

— Patricia Briggs

She would do anything, anything to belong to his son after a lifetime of belonging to no one at all.

— Lauren DeStefano

Tonight he would do anything in the world for her.
Tomorrow he would begin to set her free.

— Mary Balogh

There are men who would do anything, asleep, and I'm not sure what stops them when they wake. I do not know how they draw the line.

— Anne Enright

Mary-Louise Parker Quotes: I dont think anyone honestly would hire
I don't think anyone honestly would hire me, so I don't think I have to worry but, if it was well written I would do it. I would do anything

— Mary-Louise Parker

I learned by reading an awful lot and by writing a half a million words of stuff nobody would do anything with except wrap old fish.

— Harry Turtledove

I was amplifying the negative at the expense of the positive, not to serve any useful function, not to make my writing better, but to destroy it. The lizard brain, so attuned to people laughing behind our backs, was on high alert for this sort of criticism and would do anything it could to stop me from writing again. I haven't sought out and read a review or a tweet since.

— Seth Godin

I feel passionate about nurses. I would do anything for nurses. Anything.

— Eve Ensler

They who dare to ask anything of a friend, by their very request seem to imply that they would do anything for the sake of that friend.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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