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Worshipping Quotes

I call that god the Little G. Because the god that weve been worshipping is not to me the Supreme Creator. Anybody who needs to control and make people feel ashamed ... Its like, I send my only begotten son ... Well you know, that concept of sending a son where we as women could, like, breastfeed him and give him milk, but hes not gonna soil his dinky with us? Whats that all about?
— Tori Amos —

I was proud to be brown in my own way. Well, I was at school; at school I was brown about the funky stuff that came with being vegetarian, like being really arrogant about it, declaring proudly to a room full of beefeaters when Mad Cow disease initially broke that it was 'Vishnu's way of telling y'all to stop eating and start worshipping'.

— Nikesh Shukla

Let me love you," he says hoarsely.
"Yes," I answer, and turning, he hauls me into his arms, his lips seeking mine, beseeching me, worshipping me, cherishing me ... loving me.

— E.L. James

If you ever meet a higher being, do not worship it; only try to be its friend! Worship is primitiveness and no higher and developed being likes worshipping!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

The Independent or Congregational theory includes two principles; first, that the governing and executive power in the Church is in the brotherhood; and secondly, that the Church organization is complete in each worshipping assembly, which is independent of every other.

— Charles Hodge

The Stones suggested that if you dabble in decadence, you could turn into a devil-worshipping junkie. Paul McCartney suggested that if you mess around with girl worship, you could turn into a husband. So Paul was a lot scarier.

— Rob Sheffield

All religions lead to the same God, and all deserve the same respect. Anyone who chooses a religion is also choosing a collective way for worshipping and sharing the mysteries. Nevertheless, that person is the only one responsible for his or her actions along the way and has no right to shift responsibility for any personal decisions on to that religion.

— Paulo Coelho

To have a faith, therefore, or a trust in anything, where God hath not promised, is plain idolatry, and a worshipping of thine own imagination instead of God.

— William Tyndale

Scribblers are a self-conceited and self-worshipping race.

— Horace

Scripture sees hell as self-chosen ... Hell appears as God's gesture of respect for human choice. All receive what they actually chose. Either to be with God forever, worshipping Him, or without God forever, worshipping themselves.

— J.I. Packer

It is the curse of minorities in this power-worshipping world that either from fear or from an uncertain policy of expedience they distrust their own standards and hesitate to give voice to their deeper convictions, submitting supinely to estimates and characterizations of themselves as handed down by a not unprejudiced dominant majority.

— Anna Julia Cooper

Blessed are the pure in heart; how will people believe that, unless we ourselves are worshipping the living God until our own hearts are set on fire and scorched through with his purity?

— N.T. Wright

Do not flatter yourselves: if you go to places of worship merely to look about you or to hear music, you are not worshipping God.

— Charles Spurgeon

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