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Worldbuilding Quotes

Food is an excellent way to do very elegant worldbuilding - the kind that can make a fictional world seem real, like it extends way past the edges of the frame.
— Ann Leckie —

Worldbuilding: Giving my characters a crucible in which to form.

— Cathryn Louis

My editor's main job is to cut down my worldbuilding. There's so much fun stuff in there, you know?

— Pierce Brown

The Cloud Roads has wildly original worldbuilding, diverse and engaging characters, and a thrilling adventure plot. It's that rarest of fantasies: fresh and surprising, with a story that doesn't go where ten thousand others have gone before. I can't wait for my next chance to visit the Three Worlds!

— N.K. Jemisin

The key to good worldbuilding is leaving out most of what you create. You, as the author, had damn well better know the where all that dragon food comes from, but that doesn't mean that I, as a reader, want to read a five thousand word essay about you explaining it to me. I don't need to see the math, but I can tell by the details you provide whether or not you've thought these things through to their logical conclusions.

— Patrick Rothfuss

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