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Worked Out Quotes

Of course you didnt volunteer the information, or even damn well admit it. But shit, Uther, I came to you and confronted you with what Id worked out, and you  ...  Well, youre too professional to give away anything that could come back to bite you, but if youd wanted to mislead me or leave me thinking I was wrong you could have.
— China-Mieville —

Lifes like a painters palette, just when you've got everything worked out the colours change

— Benny Bellamacina

A man's sentiments are generally just and right, while it is second selfish thought which makes him trim and adopt some other view. The best reforms are worked out when sentiment operates, as it does in women, with the indignation of righteousness.

— Leland Stanford

I actually go to the gym much more now than I did when I was on Buffy. I like to stay fit, because that's when I feel really healthy. But I never worked out for any kind of image. People have said to me, 'Do you starve yourself before photo shoots?' And I always say, 'No way.! That's what airbrushing is for. I had french fries last night.'

— Sarah Michelle Gellar

I think everything I have done in my life, my reasons at the time were right no matter how things worked out.

— Steve Wozniak

I'm an attorney when I'm not writing comics, and have been for years. That's a side of my life I don't always associate with pure creativity, but it's all worked out nicely.

— Charles Soule

When I think of highly plotted novels I think of detective fiction or mystery fiction, the kind of work that always produces a few dead bodies. But these bodies are basically plot points, not worked-out characters. The book's plot either moves inexorably toward a dead body of flows directly from it, and the more artificial the situation the better. Readers can play off their fears by encountering the death experience in a superficial way. A mystery novel localizes the awesome force of the real death outside the book, winds it tightly in a plot, makes it less fearful by containing it in a kind of game format. [from an interview with DeCurtis]

— Don DeLillo

If I'm in Maui, I play soccer and tennis and go kite-surfing. I prefer doing a sport as opposed to going to a gym. I'm not big on gyms. When I did 'Rampart,' I lost 30 pounds because I felt it was better for the character. I worked out constantly, maybe twice a day, and minimized caloric intake.

— Woody Harrelson

Education is fantastic. In my case I had to split my university course so it took a few more years. I really want to excel at everything I do, so I sat down and spoke with both my swimming coach and my tutor and we worked out a good plan to get the best out of both my swimming and my education.

— Liam Tancock

A 'Hitler myth' was cultivated which built on people's desire for strong leadership, and presented Hitler as an almost God-like figure. Hitler's image was laboured over in a manner not dissimilar to that of pop stars today. What he wore, what he said, what postures he adopted during speeches were all worked out carefully ... Many people began to separate Hitler from the Nazi Party, enabling Hitler's popularity to remain high whilst the popularity of the Nazi Party fell.

— Alison Kitson

I've worked for everything I've ever got and it's worked out. Even if I was the Cy Young Award winner I still would not want to feel that sense of entitlement. I would still treat every game like it's my very first game and my very last game.

— R.A. Dickey

I'm so surprised it's worked out that way. I was just thinking the whole time that I've never had the personality to fit into that. I'm not really afraid of it, because I don't even know how to play up that aspect.

— Robert Pattinson

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