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Work Like Quotes

Human beings dont work like this in China. Time goes slower there. Here we have to hurry, feed the hungry children before were too old to work. I feel like a mother cat hunting for its kittens. She has to find them fast because in a few hours she will forget how to count or that she had any kittens at all. I cant sleep in this country because it doesnt shut down for the night. Factories, canneries, restaurants - always somebody somewhere working through the night. It never gets done all at once here. Time was different in China. One year lasted as long as my total time here; one evening so long, you could visit your women friends, drink tea, and play cards at each house, and it would still be twilight. It even got boring, nothing to do but fan ourselves. Here midnight comes and the floors not swept, the ironings not ready, the moneys not made. I would be still young if we lived in China. (1983: 98)
— Maxine Hong Kingston —

There is a celebrated aphorism insisting that the best way to live is to 'work like you don't need the money, dance like nobody is watching, and love like you've never been hurt.' ... After years of hearing and reading these lines I have decided to tell the truth: the original version is wrong. There is a grave error in the wording of this adage. The correct version should go as follows:
Love like you don't need the money,
Work like nobody is watching,
Dance like you've never been hurt.
See? Doesn't that make more sense?

— Gina Barreca

I think this, I think basically I'm not interested in people following my work or making work like my work.

— Richard Serra

I took 'Grease' to play my trump card, my voice, and get attention that would lead to auditions for serious work like 'Angels in America.' But I backed myself into a corner with 'Grease,' and it took me 17 years to get out.

— Billy Porter

In years past, to keep their men close, women would wear a ring and bear children.
It doesn't work like that today.
Nowadays, how do we hold on to those we love?
I've no idea.

— Guillaume Musso

For a good life: Work like a dog. Eat like a horse. Think like a fox. And play like a rabbit.

— George Allen

Smoke like a chimney, work like a horse, eat without thinking, go for a walk only in really pleasant company.

— Albert Einstein

Our Lord God doeth work like a printer who setteth the letters backwards; we see and feel well his setting, but we shall see the print yonder - in the life to come.

— Martin Luther

Scientists contribute in a variety of ways and I don't think I can singular one even including [Albert] Einstein, that I can say that he's the best. We don't work like the best basketball player and the best musician and so on. Science is a collective effort.

— Ahmed H. Zewail

I work like a bee and feel that I accomplish little.

— Louise Bourgeois

If America is to be run by the people, it is the people who must think. And we do not need to put on sackcloth and ashes to think. Nor should our minds work like a sundial which records only sunshine. Our thinking must square against some lessons of history, some principles of government and morals, if we would preserve the rights and dignity of men to which this nation is dedicated.

— Herbert Hoover

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