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Whet Quotes

No matter what I study, I can see patterns. I see the gestalt, the melody within the notes, in everything: mathematics and science, art and music, psychology and sociology. As I read the texts, I can think only that the authors are plodding along from one point to the next, groping for connections that they cant see. Theyre like a crowd of people unable to read music, peering at the score for a Bach sonata, trying to explain how one note leads to another. As glorious as these patterns are, they also whet my appetite for more. There are other patterns waiting to be discovered, gestalts of another scale entirely. With respect to those, Im blind myself; all my sonatas are just isolated data points by comparison. I have no idea what form such gestalts might assume, but thatll come in time. I want to find them, and comprehend them. I want this more than anything Ive ever wanted before. The
— Ted Chiang —

You meet somebody at the seashore on a vacation and have a wonderful time together. Or in a corner at a party, while the glasses clink and somebody beats on a piano, you talk with a stranger whose mind seems to whet and sharpen your own and with whom a wonderful new vista of ideas is spied. Or you share some intense or painful experience with somebody, and discover a deep communion. Then afterward you are sure that when you meet again, the gay companion will give you the old gaiety, the brilliant stranger will stir your mind from its torpor, the sympathetic friend will solace you with the old communion of spirit. But something happens, or almost always happens, to the gaiety, the brilliance, the communion. You remember the individual words from the old language you spoke together , but you have forgotten the grammar. You remember the steps of the dance, but the music isn't playing any more. So there you are.

— Robert Penn Warren

Evil tongues never want a whet.

— Alain-Rene Lesage

The best way to sharpen a knife is not to whet one side of it only. And neither can you solve a riddle by considering only one end of it.

— Ama Ata Aidoo

My crime books are actually novels and are written as such. One might even say that each one is really two novels, one of which is the story I tell the reader, and the other the buried story I know and let slip now and then into a clue to whet the reader's interest.

— Mary Roberts Rinehart

My garden does not whet the appetite; it satisfies it. It does not provoke thirst through heedless indulgence, but slakes it by proffering its natural remedy. Amid such pleasures as these have I grown old.

— Epicurus

Religion put claws on Aunt Sally and gave her a post to whet them on.

— Katherine Anne Porter

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