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When Your Unsure Quotes

Love your siblings. Love them well, for they are your blood, and when you are unsure,or times are difficult, they will be the ones to stand by your side.
— Julia Quinn —

It's funny-when people call you "shy," they usually smile. Like it's cute, some funny little habit you'll
grow out of when you're older, like the gaps in your grin when your baby teeth fall out. If they knew
how it felt-really being shy, not just unsure at first-they wouldn't smile. Not if they knew how the
feeling knots up your stomach or makes your palms sweat or robs you of the ability to say anything that
makes sense. It's not cute at all.

— Claudia Gray

Anything else has no relevance. I can't be what you need me to be. So you'll have to accept this version or waste your time questioning something that has no answer. I know acceptance isn't easy when you're unsure of what you're accepting, but all I can say is that you're accepting me as me.

— Krista Ritchie

In order not to end up like the masses out there who are merely wandering and unsure of their goals and dreams, your objective must be clear. When your purpose is clear, your life will have meaning.

— T. B. Joshua

When you're unsure, jump with your eyes closed and legs wide open

— Yasmin Ahmad

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