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Whatever It Takes To Be With You Quotes

The hardest challenge Im facing is just balancing my family with the industry. Its kind of like, you gotta stay out there doing your thing, doing whatever and it takes you away from your family. So its hard to balance it out but once you get it, its a lifestyle. You got to sacrifice to do what it is you want.
— French Montana —

Reid turned to Jax and with nothing more than a look, they said more things in three seconds than most women could say in three hours.
Thanks for always being there for me.
No problem, you've done the same for me.
I love your sister, man, I'll do whatever it takes to make her happy.
I know you do, and I know you will. Plus, if you don't, I'll break your fucking legs.
Fair enough.
Then let's do this.
Hell yeah.

— Gina L. Maxwell

So many people along the way,whatever it is you aspire to do, will tell you it can't be done. But it all it takes is imagination. You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there no limits,

— Michael Phelps

You said you're done with me, and I accept that. I'm a different person since I met you. I've changed ... for the better. But no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to do right by you. We were friends first, Pigeon. I will always love you, but if I can't make you happy, it doesn't make much sense for me to try to get you back. I can't imagine being with anyone else, but I'll be happy as long as we're friends.
"You want to be friends?" I asked, the words burning in my mouth.
"I want you to be happy. Whatever that takes.

— Jamie McGuire

I wanted to say something to you, before everything changes again. Because I know this is going to change everything. A good change. An abso mag change, but still. Dallas, you're the best person I know."
"Are you sure you haven't had the drugs already?"
Mavis gave a watery laugh. "I mean it. Leonardo, he's the sweetest, but you're the best. You do what's right, you do what matters, whatever it takes. Your the first of my family, and you really started me on the road. I wouldn't be here, wouldn't be doing this except for you."
"I think Leonardo had more to do with it"
Mavis grinned, rubbed her belly. "Yeah, he had the fun part. I love you. We love you." She too Eve's hand, laid it on her belly. "I wanted to tell you"
"Mavis, if I didn't love you, I'd be a thousand miles from this room.

— J.D. Robb

It takes a while for audiences on film to see you as something different if they've seen you for so long as a specific character. It's up to the actor to be like, 'Look man, let's try something else,' even if it's an ultra-low-budget independent. People who rep you will keep going with whatever they can send you on.

— Omar Dorsey

Reg: Furth's in London. And yes, I know, it's my fault. But as long as I'ver roused the lion, I was going to ask you to speak to him on my behalf.
Alex: You wish me to speak to Furth.
Reg: Well, yes. He's always like you. Just tell him what a noble, upright fellow I am, and how I have always upheld my position with dignity and respect.
Alex: Lie, you mean.
REg: Whatever it takes.

— Suzanne Enoch

To know people is wisdom, but to know yourself is enlightenment. To master people takes force, but to master yourself takes strength. To know contentment is wealth, and to live with strength resolve. To never leave whatever you are is to abide, and to die without getting lost - that is to live on and on.

— Lao Tzu

Make sure that when you touch the other person, all your five senses are working, because sex has a life of its own. The moment you begin, you're no longer in control; it takes control of you. And whatever you bring to it, your fears, your desires, your sensibility will remain. That's why people become impotent. When you have sex, take with you to bed only love and your senses, all five of them. Only then will you experience communion with God.

— Paulo Coelho

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