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Michael Landon was the biggest influence. As a child, I watched him write, direct, star, and produce a TV show every week. He showed me what was possible.
— Patrick Labyorteaux —

You are what you inhabit.

— Lawrence Millman

In short, liturgies make us certain kinds of people, and what defines us is what we love.

— James K.A. Smith

The present is what is happening when you strip away all the resentments of your past and all the worries you have about your future.

— John Kuypers

Certainly,' said his mother, 'but first I want to know about the accident with your bicycle.'
Well,' Phillip said, 'if you wanta really know. I was sitting in the basket of my bike ridin' down Mission Hill backwards singing 'Polly Wolly Doodle' and I saw the bread truck comin' and I guess I didn't turn soon enough and I ran into the Wallaces' iron fence and I caught my shoe on the pedal and my pants on a picket and I hit my eye on the handlebars and I don't know what else happened. But, boy, you should have heard the kids and that ole breadman laugh!

— Betty MacDonald

I guess I don't really know what I want to do, either. Sometimes I feel like a shook-up bottle of soda. Like, I have all this passion that wants to explode, but I don't know where to aim it yet.

— Matt De La Pena

How is it wrong to put everything you have into getting what you want most in the world?

— Rachel Vincent

The heroic books, even if printed in the character of our mother tongue, will always be in a language dead to degenerate times; and we must laboriously seek the meaning of each word and line, conjecturing a larger sense than common use permits out of what wisdom and valor and generosity we have.

— Henry David Thoreau

A lot of people think that reptiles don't feel, and they do. I think everyone should keep in mind what it is they are buying and if it is really worth it to them.

— Laura Vandervoort

What you sow you reap. What you give

— Zig Ziglar

Fashion can always be a part of your life no matter what shape or size you are. You don't need to feel like you have to fit into a box because you aren't a certain size that your favorite designer carries.

— Hayley Hasselhoff

Great execution. That's what you have to do when you're playing great teams.

— Tracy McGrady

A messenger? Who is it? Is Lord Shigeru expecting a message? Do we know what it's about?" George's questions came tumbling out before Horace had a chance to begin answering. He shook his head and smiled at his old childhood companion. "I don't know. I don't know. And ... I don't know," he said. He saw George's shoulders relax as he realized his questions had been unreasonable. "I imagine we'll find out when he comes up to us." "Of

— John Flanagan

What is love if not a form of alchemy?

— Beth Fantaskey

I begin to fully understand the lengths to which people have gone to protect me. What I mean to the rebels. My on going struggle against the Capitol, which has so often felt like a solitary journey, has not been undertaken alone. I have had thousands upon thousands of people from the districts at my side. I was their Mockingjay long before I accepted the role.

— Suzanne Collins

I don't write jokes first. I write down topics. I think of what I want to talk about, and then I write the jokes - they don't write me ... And even if you don't think it's funny, you won't think it's boring. You might disagree, but you'll listen. And maybe even laugh as you disagree.

— Chris Rock

I've been fortunate to work with good directors who understand improvisation and understand the way comedians work. Luke Basan let me do my thing like do what you feel and take the character to another level. Quentin Tarrantino was more of an acting coach. He can teach you beats and then hell say go with it but give this feeling. So I've been fortunate to work with good, seasoned directors.

— Chris Tucker

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