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We're Gonna Be Okay Quotes

When I was little and something awful was happening my Mama would tell me to close my eyes.She was tryin to keep me from seeing her do drugs or other bad things. And then when she was finished or the bad things were over shed say, now when I count to three, you open your eyes and the past is gone, the world is a good place,and its all gonna be okay.
— Michael Oher —

And all the sounds you heard- the wind whipping past your ears and the ocean's whispering and the trickle of whitecaps against your boat- that was the earth's blood pumping through imperceptible veins, and some of those veins were nothing more than people like Shy or Carmen or Addie.
And when the end came it smelled like morning dew and brine and everything around you morphed into a man, and that man shined a flashlight in your eyes and kneeled down beside you to pet your hair and he said: You're gonna be okay, young fella. Now come on.
And when he lifted you into his arms and carried you like a child into a hidden cave, where you would grow back into the earth's rich soil from which you came and where you would forever belong.

— Matt De La Pena

In my mind at that time, at 14, the men who were successful were Stallone and Schwarzenegger and guys like that - Harrison Ford - who were these men of action. I was like, "Okay, they're successful, they're not getting evicted, they built their bodies - I'm gonna go build my body." It was like that.

— Dwayne Johnson

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