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We Will Be Okay Quotes

There is a vast world for us, a boundless space beyond and between the fences and the rules. We will travel it freely. We will be okay.
— Lauren Oliver —

Day will move on and live his life. So will I. We will be okay. Someday, perhaps in the far and distant future, we'll find each other again.

— Marie Lu

Through time and dedication, we will make it okay to be a proud Democrat in the South once again.

— Ronnie Musgrove

He interrupts her again. "I will stay without complaining ... "
"You have no choice!"
" ... if you'll do two things." The teasing has long left his face. He is dead serious.
I should leave but I can't. I know I'm about to witness a historic event, and I lurk next to the door, my eyes glued to Charlotte and Ambrose.
"Okay," Charlotte says, matching his gravity.
"Promise me you'll come back."
Charlotte is silent.
"And give me a kiss good-bye."
"What?" Charlotte blurts.
"You heard me."
She stands stock-still for a good couple of seconds before raising her fingertips to her mouth. Her eyes glitter with tears as she sits back down on the side of his bed. And taking his good hand in hers, she leans forward and kisses him. It is a slow kiss. It is a lingering kiss. It's the kiss she's been waiting for for years.

— Amy Plum

Man, this angel crap ... it's so fucking hard to influence anything. I've never had a problem with free will before, but for shit's sake, I wish I could just I Dream of Jeannie you to where you need to be." As Tohr winced, the angel muttered, "It's okay, though. We'll get you there somehow-"
"Actually, I'm cringing at the vision of you in a pink harem costume."
"Hey, I have a great ass, I'll have you know.

— J.R. Ward

One of the biggest things for me was driving two hours to the location everyday, and then having to lug out two carts of equipment alone, and I always had to consider - I was shooting on a beach - I'm like, "Okay, bring out the props first that no one will steal," because I have to leave it unattended for a couple minutes while I grab my second cart of things.

— Kirsten Lepore

Sometimes when I'm directing, the stage manager will have a good idea and that's okay with me.

— Adam Rapp

According to the New York Daily News, Geraldo said he is now carrying a gun, and he will personally shoot Osama bin Laden if he finds him. If Osama also has a gun, this could work out okay.

— Jay Leno

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