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We Love You Because Quotes

The coolest thing, too, is that people that have never even seen One Tree Hill tell me, I love your music. And Im like, Oh, do you watch the show? And they say No. And to me thats even cooler because that means Im actually starting to get country fans.
— Jana Kramer —

Much better now. And Sunny-there's no such thing as 'too much' when it comes to us. Too much mutual interest, or awareness, or desire, or too much damn love-there's no such thing."
"I love you beyond obsession," I murmur, terrified because it is too much.
"I love you to insanity," he replies, utterly solemn. "That's who I am, and that is who we are. I don't have any qualms about admitting it, and I don't have any regrets. Do you?

— Olivia Lynde

So for now,
I will miss you like I'll never see you again,
And the next time I see you,
I will kiss you like I'll never kiss you again,
And when I fall asleep beside you
I will fall asleep as if I'll never wake up again,
because I don't know if I will.
I don't know if I will.
- I Will Love You Like The World Is Ending

— Charlotte Eriksson

Everyone says your first time should be magical. You should be in love. You should feel safe. Because you can't go back once you've done it. That will always be your first time. Years later this is what I'll remember as my first time. That inflated sensation is long gone. Now I just feel nauseous; it
s the feeling I get when reality dawns.

— Kerry Cohen

I'll come back to get you, too, okay?"
"Why?" he snapped.
"Because," she said with a gasp, unable to fathom the source of his question, or his tone. "Because I love you, that's why.

— Kelly Creagh

I'm not scared because I can't give you my love in return, I'm scared because I love you so much sometimes it's hard to breathe."
[ ... ]
"Everything I have to give, it's yours. It's always been yours.

— Tara Sivec

But I think it must be easier for a girl to marry someone she doesn't know, because the more you get to know men, the harder it is to love them.

— Orhan Pamuk

Because I fuckin' love you Mia ...
That didn't come out exactly as I'd planned, but it is the truth. I'm in love with you ...

— Samantha Towle

Mark me well, Diana: Lives will be lost because of your love for my son ... What does it matter who deals the deathblow? If you do not do it, then Matthew will.

— Deborah Harkness

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