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We Don't Work Quotes

Writers dont make any money at all. We make about a dollar. It is terrible. But then again we dont work either. We sit around in our underwear until noon then go downstairs and make coffee, fry some eggs, read the paper, read part of a book, smell the book, wonder if perhaps we ourselves should work on our book, smell the book again, throw the book across the room because we are quite jealous that any other person wrote a book, feel terribly guilty about throwing the schmucks book across the room because we secretly wonder if God in heaven noticed our evil jealousy, or worse, our laziness. We then lie across the couch facedown and mumble to God to forgive us because we are secretly afraid He is going to dry up all our words because we envied another mans stupid words. And for this, as I said, we are paid a dollar. We are worth so much more.
— Donald Miller —

If you love somebody then tell them how you feel dont be scared of their reaction or rejection life is too short. you should take a chance and if things dont work out as you plan dont worry cuz life moves on and true love will be waiting for you again.

— Atul Purohit

We don't earn God's love; we receive it. We don't work for His approval; He approves us.

— Dillon Burroughs

I love the sitcom schedule. It takes a week to make an episode, but we don't work on weekends. I'm usually done in time to get home for dinner with my wife and daughter.

— David Alan Basche

The president - every president - works for us. We don't work for him. We sometimes lose track of this, or rather get the balance wrong. Respect is due and must be palpable, but now and then you have to press, to either force them to be forthcoming or force them to reveal that they won't be.

— Peggy Noonan

We don't work in the traditional TV format where we're like writing concurrently to shooting. Like, we really view it as a large feature film.

— Jay Duplass

To find out that there is even one devoted fan who loves you, as a singer, without any condition, gives you tremendous amount of strength and courage. I work over and over again so I dont disappoint those people.

— BoA

Scientists contribute in a variety of ways and I don't think I can singular one even including [Albert] Einstein, that I can say that he's the best. We don't work like the best basketball player and the best musician and so on. Science is a collective effort.

— Ahmed H. Zewail

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