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We Can Fly Quotes

You got a fast car But is it fast enough so we can fly away We gotta make a decision We leave tonight or live and die this way.
— Tracy Chapman —

But-but in falling, we fly, don't we? We fly vertically. That's the paradox of vertical flight. Falling is the only way we can fly.

— Emil Ostrovski

If you have received a letter inviting you to speak at the dedication of a new cat hospital, and you hate cats, your reply, declining the invitation, does not necessarily have to cover the full range of your emotions. You must make it clear that you will not attend, but you do not have to let fly at the cats. The writer of the letter asked a civil question; attack cats, then, only if you can do so with good humor, good taste, and in such a way that your answer will be courteous as well as responsive. Since you are out of sympathy with cats, you may quite properly give this as a reason for not appearing at the dedicatory ceremonies of a cat hospital. But bear in mind that your opinion of cats was not sought, only your services as a speaker. Try to keep things straight.

— William Strunk, Jr.

You know you can fly. If you can't, imagine the thrill of the fall.

— Kylie Scott

In one afternoon, my entire life shattered and then all of a sudden this great guy comes along like some
mythical knight in shining armor. He's gorgeous, loaded, and says all the right things to me. He makes me
feel like I can fly, and every time he shows up, he makes everything better. I'm not used to this, okay?
And I'm not used to being with a guy who is so incredibly sexy that he makes me feel like the booby
prize. - Bride

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Lord gives us wings
He gives us a stomach
we can fly or vomit

— Patti Smith

When I was a boy, I dreamt that I could fly, he announces. When I woke, I couldn't ... or so the maester said. But what if he lied?
What do you mean?
Perhaps we can fly. All of us. How will we ever know unless we leap from some tall tower? No man ever truly knows what he can do unless he dares to leap.
There is the window. Leap. What do you want?
The world.

— George R.R. Martin

We are poor mortals, but it dreams to us that we can fly.

— Roger Ebert

Horror and doubt distract
His troubled thoughts and from the bottom stir
The Hell within him, for within him Hell
He brings and round about him, nor from Hell
One step no more than from himself can fly
By change of place.

— John Milton

The shell must break before the bird can fly.

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

From the movie, The Boy Who Could Fly Somewhere, deep inside, we can all fly.

— Guy Finley

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