Watson Dna Quotes

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Watson Dna Quotes

And now the announcement of Watson and Crick about DNA. This is for me the real proof of the existence of God.
— Salvador Dali —

He told me that Francis Crick and Jim Watson had solved the structure of DNA, so we decided to go across to Cambridge to see it. This was in April of 1953.

— Sydney Brenner

The fundamental biological variant is DNA. That is why Mendel's definition of the gene as the unvarying bearer of hereditary traits, its chemical identification by Avery (confirmed by Hershey), and the elucidation by Watson and Crick of the structural basis of its replicative invariance, are without any doubt the most important discoveries ever made in biology. To this must be added the theory of natural selection, whose certainty and full significance were established only by those later theories.

— Jacques Monod

Rather than believe that Watson and Crick made the DNA structure, I would rather stress that the structure made Watson and Crick.

— Francis Crick

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