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Water Thirst Quotes

It was the sea that made me begin thinking secretly about love more than anything else; you know, a love worth dying for, or a love that consumes you. To a man locked up in a steel ship all the time, the sea is too much like a woman. Things like her lulls and storms, or her caprice, or the beauty of her breast reflecting the setting sun, are all obvious. More than that, youre in a ship that mounts the sea and rides her and yet is constantly denied her. Its the old saw about miles and miles of lovely water and you cant quench your thirst. Nature surrounds a sailor with all these elements so like a woman and yet he is kept as far as a man can be from her warm, living body. Thats where the problem begins, right there—Im sure of it.
— Yukio Mishima —

Seriosly, how good a kisser is daemon? because i imagine he jsut makes you-"
"what? a girls gotta know these kind of things."
i bit my lip, flushing.
"come on, its sharing and caring time."
"he ... he kisses like he's dying of thirst, and im water.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

There are things you're certain about. That you'd bet your life on. Things that you just know. You know the heat of a fire will burn you. Water will quench your thirst. She is one of those things; the most unerring certainty of my life.

— Katy Evans

The camel has a big dumb ugly hump. But in the desert, where prettier, more streamlined beasts die quickly of thirst, the camel survives quite nicely. As legend has it, the camel carries its own water, stores it in its stupid hump. If individuals, like camels, perfect their inner resources, if we have the power within us, then we can cross any wasteland in relative comfort and survive in arid surroundings without relying on the external. Often, moreover, it is our "hump" - that aspect of our being that society finds eccentric, ridiculous, or disagreeable - that holds our sweet waters, our secret well of happiness, the key to our equanimity in malevolent climes.

— Tom Robbins

Value is relative," said the saint. "A man with his house on fire and a man dying of thirst each place a different value on a glass of water.

— Jonathan Maberry

Water, is taught by thirst.

— Emily Dickinson

I hope, too, that you will hear these words within your hearts, for that would be profitable. But if a thousand thieves come from outside, they cannot open the door without some fellow-thief inside who can unlock that door.
Speak a thousand words from the outside, still, so long as there is none to answer from within, the door never opens.
So too with a tree-as long as there is no moist thirst in its roots, even if you poured a thousand torrents of water over it, it would accomplish nothing. First there must be a thirst in its roots for the water to nourish it.
Although the whole world is ablaze with the sun's light, unless there is that spark of light within the eye, no one can behold that light.
The root of the matter is the receptiveness within Soul.

— Rumi

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