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Waste Of Life Quotes

All should be taught that the highest ambition is to be happy, and to add to the well-being of others; that place and power are not necessary to success; that the desire to acquire great wealth is a kind of insanity. They should be taught that it is a waste of energy, a waste of thought, a waste of life, to acquire what you do not need and what you do not really use for the benefit of yourself or others.
— Robert Green Ingersoll —

Do not waste the remainder of thy life in thoughts about others, when thou dost not refer thy thoughts to some object of common utility.

— Marcus Aurelius

Life is too short, and the time we waste in yawning never can be regained.

— Stendhal

I was trying my best to straighten out my life, but I always ended up in the middle of some festive waste of time.

— Heather O'Neill

Don't waste your life by living in another person's shoes

— Kishore Bansal

It's not like what I do or what I wear is my copyright. What I'm wearing now also is an inspiration. It is how I saw it on the mannequin, and I just wore it, so it's in a way copied. But obviously, I wouldn't want to spend my life thinking about dresses. It is such a waste of life.

— Kangana Ranaut

For a man not to achieve the things he has an opportunity to do is such a waste of life.

— Jake Simmons, Jr.

Life has only gotten better personally for me as I've gotten older. I mean, being young was such a gross waste of time. I was just such a miserable, miserable person.

— Maurice Sendak

Don't waste your death on a half assed life

— Nikki Sixx

Of all the damnable waste of human life that ever was invented, clerking is the worst.

— George Bernard Shaw

Do something about your life now. You know you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Don't just think about it, look at it, and complain about it to whoever will listen. Stop conning yourself into being a volunteer victim, or telling the same old story. You are better than that. It's time to stand up for yourself and your dream. This is the one and only life that you have. Don't waste it watching someone's life - on tv, in a movie, a series or reality show. Take your power back and make a move. Live your life on your terms, and create something new in your life. You Deserve!

— Les Brown

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