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Want To Love Quotes

This is what Kay needs right now, soft touching and caring. When were together, I want to love her just like this.
— S.R. Grey —

I don't do relationships because I don't want to love and lose myself.

— J.C. Reed

This is what Kay needs right now, soft touching and caring. When we're together, I want to love her just like this.

— S.R. Grey

I don't want to love you," I forced out through the thickness in my throat.
"God, I hope you do, because you own me completely," he whispered.

— Abbi Glines

Good-bye,' I said to them, but they didn't seem to hear me, and why would they have wanted to? Why would they have wanted to do with the world outside of each other? Outside each other, they were mean little human beings like the rest of us, the kind of people you both loathed and pitied. Separately, they were characters, and not in a good way. But together they were something to wonder at and maybe even envy. I had this unoriginal thought as I walked out the door and toward my van: love changes us, makes us into people whom others then want to love. That's why, to those of us without it, love is the voice asking, What else? What else? And to those of us who have had love and lost it or thrown it away, then love is the voice that leads us back to love, to see if it might still be ours or if we've lost it, love is also the thing that makes us speak in aphorisms about love, which is why we try to get love back, so we can stop speaking that way. Aphoristically, that is.

— Brock Clarke

I want to be loved, honestly and truly loved, for who I am. And I want to love a woman with all my heart for all my life. I want to ache for her mind, for her body, for her companionship.

— Kerrelyn Sparks

I don't want to just love my family; I want to love all of humanity.

— Alejandro Jodorowsky

Bapu Ghandi said, "All religions are true." I just want to love God, " I blurted out, and looked down, red in the face.
My embarassment was contagious. No one said anything. It happened that we were not far from the statue of Gandhi on the esplanade. Stick in hand, an impish smile on his lips, a twinkle in his eyes, the Mahatma walked. I fancy that he heard our conversation, but that he paid even greater attention to my heart, Father cleared his throat and said in a half-voice, " I suppose that's what wer're all trying to do - love God.

— Yann Martel

The only person that I want to love me is my wife.

— Peter Capaldi

If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive.

— Mother Teresa

You want to love everyone equally, and that's worse than impossible
it's wrong.

— E. M. Forster

I'm just not the same. Half of me is out there looking for you and the other half is wishing i didn't have to. I don't want to live - I want to love first, And live incidentally. Don't-don't ever think of the things you can't give me-You've trusted me with the dearest heart of all-and it's so damn much more than anybody else in all the world has ever had.

— Zelda Fitzgerald

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