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Wanna Say Something Quotes

He turns around, all impatient. Now what? I wanna say something to you. I wanna say ... I dunno ... more. I could bust apart with all Im feelin inside of me right now. What with fightin off the hellwurms an gittin my shoulder tore open, an how I felt when I woke up an seen you an, now, here I am, being so close to findin Lugh an I dunno whats gonna happen an Jacks lookin at me, frowning. Whats the matter with you, Saba? he says. I grab his face an kiss him on the lips.
— Moira Young —

To her lips, pressing in and his face got close. "I'm guessin' you get what this is. We played with fire, we got burned, now we gotta contain the blaze, but sayin' that, I got no intention of puttin' it out and, babe, I'm gettin', since you left me a trail of breadcrumbs to this room, you don't either." She tried to turn her head to get away from his thumb to say something but Hop kept going. "We get it, we don't gotta talk about it. We know what we got revolves around bein' naked in a bed, so you shouldn't get what I'm gonna give you right now. But I'm gonna give it to you. Never had class. Never had beauty. I'll repeat, never ... had ... class. I'm not gonna fuck over Cherry, who I care about, or Tack, who's my brother, and I know you don't wanna do that either, so this is what we got for as long as it's good. But it's a clean, pure beauty the like I've never had, I'm gonna respect it like I feel like I gotta and you're gonna let me." He paused, bent his face

— Kristen Ashley

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