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Wall Frame Quotes

Sam counts the money carefully. I watch him in the mirror. "You know what I wish?" he asks when hes done. "What?" "That someone would convert my bed into a robot that would fight other bed robots to the death for me." That startles a laugh out of me. "That would be pretty awesome." A slow, shy smile spreads across his mouth. "And we could take bets on them. And be filthy rich." I lean my head against the frame of the stall, looking at the tile wall and the pattern of yellowed cracks there, and grin. "I take back anything I might have implied to the contrary. Sam, you are a genius.
— Holly Black —

Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it.

— Gordon R. Dickson

His lips brushed my forehead. "Look at me." I sighed and opened my eyes. His fingers traced my jawline. "Just be with me. That's all. I don't have an agenda or a time frame. If it takes fifty years to break down that wall, I'll be there." - Aren from Hunter's Moon

— Lisa Kessler

Roger had a collapsible ladder in his truck. He unfolded it in Debbie and Clive's apartment until it formed an A-frame eight feet tall. It stood against the wall near their loft. "What am I looking for?" Nate shrugged. "A hidden panel or switch or something," he said. "Maybe something between the boards. Something that looks like it could be some type of control." "So ... something weird?" Nate smirked. "Yeah." "Yeah. Getting sick of that word.

— Peter Clines

If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on the wall, I think we'd see the beauty then and stand staring in awe.

— Conor Oberst

Jonathan Green sat in one of the leather director's chairs across from my desk and the two lesser attorneys went to the couch. Truly stayed on his feet. The videographer noticed the Pinocchio clock on the wall, then hustled around to the opposite side of my desk so that he could get both me and the clock in the frame. The Pinocchio clock has eyes that move side to side as it tocks. Photogenic. Like Green.

— Robert Crais

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