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Waited A Lot Quotes

I waited a lot of years and I dealt with a lot of criticism about certain things on my face, and once I turned 21, I still felt that I wanted to change that, so I did.
— Farrah Abraham —

Don't ever cancel my call again! I told you I would talk to you, you should have waited ... "
Shit. Shit. Shit.
"Mr. Edge, it is 5pm, I assumed my working day was done and I cancelled the phone call by accident, this phone is new, still working it out" I made it up as I went along and was surprised by my ability to lie on my feet.
"Melissa, don't play stupid. Get your arse back here or I will hunt it down and drag it back" He ordered and made me hold my breath

— Mercy Cortez

Portia followed after, a smirk on her face, and Syc hissed as he passed.
Donegan waited till they were gone, then swung round to Gracious.
"He hissed at me."
"He hissed at you."
"Should I hiss back?"
"It's a bit late."
"He could still hear."
"Not unless you run after him."
"Do you think I should?"
"Probably not."
"I think I should."
"It'd be a bit weird."
"You might be right." Donegan pursed his lips, then shook his fist at the doorway.
"That showed him," said Gracious.
Donegan nodded. "He'll think twice about hissing at me again.

— Derek Landy

As we stepped inside, I waited for it to get strange, now that I could see him clearly again-his brown eyes, his reddish hair, his freckles. But it didn't. And I didn't understand why until I'd gotten back into the car and Frank had waved at me from the door and I'd turned in the direction of home. It seemed that somewhere between the arguments about the merits of ninja movies, he'd stopped being Frank Porter, class president, unknowable person. He'd stopped being a stranger, a guy, someone I didn't know how to talk to.  That night, in the darkness, sharing our secrets and favorite pizza-topping preferences, he'd moved closer to just being Frank-maybe, possibly, even my friend.

— Morgan Matson

And it was funny. The silence of him had a bizarre effect on her. Normally, she was the quiet one in situations, preferring to keep her own council and not share her thoughts on anything. But with John's mute presence, she felt curiously compelled to talk.
"I'm stuffed," she said, lying back against the pillows. As he cocked a brow and lifted the last Danish, she shook her head.
"God ... no. I couldn't manage another thing."
And it was only then that he began to eat.
"You waited for me ?" she said, frowning. When he ducked her gaze and shrugged, she cursed softly.
" You didn't have to."
Another shrug. As she watched him, she murmured, "You have beautiful table manners."
His blush was the color of Valentine's Day and she had to tell her heart to calm the fuck down as it started to beat fast.

— J.R. Ward

I can breathe easier now that the appointments are behind me.
I missed them all, through deliberate negligence,
Having waited for the urge to go, which I knew wouldn't come.
I'm free, and against organized, clothed society.
I'm naked and plunge into the water of my imagination.

— Fernando Pessoa

I've waited almost 10 months for this revenge, I know I deserve it.

— Sergio Martinez

An unusual thing happened after that great first vision. The Prophet Joseph received no additional communication for three years. However, he did not wonder, he did not question, he did not doubt the Lord. The Prophet Joseph patiently waited. The Prophet Joseph taught us the principle of patience-by example.

— Boyd K. Packer

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