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Vw Finance Quotes

Managers have traditionally developed the skills in finance, planning, marketing and production techniques. Too often the relations with their people have been assigned a secondary role. This is too important a subject not to receive first-line attention. In this regard we could learn much from the Japanese. We must reinvest in the human side of management.
— William Redington Hewlett —

I agree she could finance us, but the only thing I have left is my pride, and I'll eat shit before anyone rips that from me.

— Katie McGarry

I've lived to see key parts of my research absorbed in textbooks and in central banks around the world. And some finance ministries, too.

— Edmund Phelps

Our goal is to make finance the servant, not the master, of the real economy.

— Alistair Darling

These heroes of finance are like beads on a string; when one slips off, all the rest follow.

— Henrik Ibsen

In his searches, Schwall noticed something else, though at first he didn't know what to make of it: A surprisingly large number of the people pulled in by the big Wall Street banks to build the technology for high-frequency trading were Russians. "If you went to LinkedIn and looked at one of these Russian guys, you would see he was linked to all the other Russians," said Schwall. "I'd go to find Dmitri and I'd also find Misha and Vladimir and Tolstoy or whatever." The Russians came not from finance but from telecom, physics, medical research, university math departments, and a lot of other useful fields. The big Wall Street firms had become machines for turning analytically minded Russians into high-frequency traders.

— Michael Lewis

African runners regularly work out in the United States and Europe, and the International Olympic Committee sends some of the cash from the Games to Olympic committees in poor nations, which use the money to finance their own programs.

— Alex Berenson

Exploitation to finance a beach house in Hawaii was one thing. Doing it to feed your kids was another.

— Khaled Hosseini

I love free trade. I love the concept of free trade. Everything about it is good. I went to the Wharton School of Finance. They say, Let's go free trade.

— Donald Trump

Finance is the art or science of managing revenues and resources for the best advantage of the manager

— Ambrose Bierce

If you write what you know about, you will always be on safe ground. I am very edgy and nervous about going into territories I know nothing about. That's why you don't find much high finance, group sex, or yachting parties in my stories.

— Maeve Binchy

There are two reforms that we need to restore our democracy. The first is campaign finance. We need to get the corporate money out of the election process. And second, we need to resolve the dysfunction in the environment. Looters are running agencies that are supposed to be protecting us from pollution.

— Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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