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Villain Quotes

My face lends itself to austere characters, and unless theyre two-dimensional, I will do them. Any actor will tell you that an interesting villain is much more interesting to play.
— Charles Dance —

Every search for a hero must begin with something which every hero requires - a villain.

— Robert Towne

Everyone loves a villain. Or maybe not a villain, exactly, but someone you can point out and say, I might be weird, but I'm not weird like her.

— Laura Ruby

Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.

— Alan Moore

The hip-hop guy nodded curtly, like he knew that, and despite appearances to the contrary, he had not been trippin', but had, in fact, been chillin' like a mo-fuckin' villain, so step the fuck off, wigga. He crossed against the light, limping slightly under the weight of the subtext.

— Christopher Moore

I like playing the villain.

— Alex O'Loughlin

No one wants to set out to be a hero, and discover that they've been a villain all along.

— Mira Grant

I prefer to play the villain or the antihero.

— Scott Adkins

You've got to love the villain if you have to play him. You've got to find something that you can live with in yourself if you're going to play the villain in a play on stage.

— Jim Dale

'Heel Turn 2' is about a person who's in a match, and he's playing as though the match were real. But it is real! If you're standing in the middle of a ring, and you're playing the villain, and everyone is booing and throwing things at you, that's real.

— John Darnielle

Kids, she says. When they're little, they believe everything you tell them about the world. As a mother, you're the world almanac and the encyclopedia and the dictionary and the Bible, all rolled up together. But after they hit some magic age, it's just the opposite. After that, you're either a liar or a fool or a villain.

— Chuck Palahniuk

Moriarty is arguably the most famous super-villain in terms of literature.

— Kam Williams

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