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Versatile Quotes

Derivative writers seem versatile because they imitate many others, past and present. Artistic originality has only itself to copy.
— Vladimir Nabokov —

He had a marvelously versatile gift for forgetting things.

— Heywood Broun

People may be persuaded that the machine is doing good. In fact, good is only capable of being done on a small scale. Evil is more versatile. You can hate those you have never seen, all the vast multitudes of them, but you can only love those you know - and that with difficulty.

— John Christopher

Blonde movie stars in the 1950s seem to have been pretty much divided between breathy bombshells (Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield) and slim, elegant swans (Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint). Producers didn't really know what to do with Judy Holliday, a brilliant, versatile actress who simply didn't fit into any easy category. Though she left behind a handful of delightful films, one can't help feeling a sense of waste that her gifts were not better handled by Hollywood (or, for that matter, by Broadway). Perhaps, like Lucille Ball, Judy Holliday would have blossomed with a really good sitcom; but, unlike Lucy, she never got one.

— Eve Golden

It's not that I'm being shy. It's just that
well, for one, I don't even remember the event. It's a blank: a white slate, a black hole. I have vague images, half-impressions: of being, or having been
or, more precisely, being about to be
hit; blue light; railings; lights of other colours; being held above some kind of tray or bed. But who's to say that these are genuine memories? Who's to say my traumatized mind didn't just make them up, or pull them out from somewhere else, some other slot, and stick them there to plug the gap
the crater
that the accident had blown? Minds are versatile and wily things. Real chancers.

— Tom McCarthy

Fine, but why a spork?" "Because I'm versatile. I can multitask like nobody's business. And I like the way it sounds. It's so  ... sporky.

— Darynda Jones

Life is about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life.

— Ray Lewis

I've directed things that other people have written before, and I've written things and given them to other directors. So I'm very versatile in terms of that, and I enjoy all of it.

— Ryan Coogler

Life is the most versatile thing under the sun; and in the pursuit of life and character the author who works in a groove works in blinkers.

— Laurence Housman

We could play them through the week, and then the weekend we could play the black joints. I learned to be very versatile and learned to love it. So it stays with me even up to now.

— Little Milton

Cantonese, which has up to nine tones as opposed to the five in Mandarin, is much more versatile and one of the richest dialects in Chinese.

— David Tang

Panditji lived a full life replete with achievements and honours. He was such a versatile and noble man that the like of him may not be born again.'
Sri Shanti Bhushan, Advocate

— Munindra Misra

My father Lloyd Bridges was very versatile in his parts, but he had a hit in the '60s 'Sea Hunt,' where he played a skin diver. And he was so into that role that people actually thought he was a skin-diver.

— Jeff Bridges

I've been trying to nail it into everyone's heads that I feel like I am the most versatile rapper.

— Ludacris

But the guitar, when you think about it, is the most versatile, really. I mean you can pick it up and take it with you wherever you go.

— Eric Clapton

Derivative writers seem versatile because they imitate many others, past and present. Artistic originality has only itself to copy.

— Vladimir Nabokov

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