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I tended to be skeptical of anything that couldnt be measured, written down, and independently verified across a series of double-blind tests. But this was hard data. Lolas heart beat fastest for me.
— Max Barry —

There are only hallucinations, or perceptions, and that there are neither nights nor days ... and that life is continuous; yet that one would never be aware of its continuity, nor even that life exists without these pendulum movements; and life is primarily verified by the beating of the heart

— Alfred Jarry

The very notion of nature as a closed system entirely sufficient to itself is plainly one that cannot be verified, deductively or empirically, from within the system of nature. It is a metaphysical (which is to say "extra-natural") conclusion regarding the whole of reality, which neither reason nor experience legitimately warrants.

— David Bentley Hart

When promises are verified, God's truth is magnified.

— Thomas Watson

Then he noted softly, "You're pissed."
Was he for real? "Uh ... yeah," I verified. "Don't be pissed," he ordered.
No, seriously, he couldn't be for real.

— Kristen Ashley

The strongest arguments prove nothing so long as the conclusions are not verified by experience. Experimental science is the queen of sciences and the goal of all speculation.

— Roger Bacon

I have friends that I have made through Twitter or things like that, but they're all verified as real people - I've either seen them perform, or we're mutual fans of each other, something like that. I don't have any authentic, 'Catfish'-worthy stories.

— Katie Featherston

In some instances, the accuracy of past-life memories can be objectively verified, sometimes with remarkable detail.

— Stanislav Grof

Under the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program, homes are independently verified to be measurably more energy efficient than average houses.

— Melissa Bean

I hold that the propositions embodied in natural science are not derived by any definite rule from the data of experience, and that they can neither be verified nor falsified by experience according to any definite rule.

— Michael Polanyi

Touch screen voting is a fine thing so long as they have a voter-verified paper trail.

— Joan Blades

Which prophecy of Christ we see wonderfully to be verified, insomuch that the whole course of the Church to this day may seem nothing else but a verifying of the said prophecy.

— John Foxe

It seems a miracle that young children easily learn the language of any environment into which they were born. The generative approach to grammar, pioneered by Chomsky, argues that this is only explicable if certain deep, universal features of this competence are innate characteristics of the human brain. Biologically speaking, this hypothesis of an inheritable capability to learn any language means that it must somehow be encoded in the DNA of our chromosomes. Should this hypothesis one day be verified, then lingusitics would become a branch of biology.

— Niels Kaj Jerne

Knowledge is the intellectual manipulation of carefully verified observations.

— Sigmund Freud

Never accept a fact until it has been verified by theory.

— Arthur Eddington

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