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Us Not Talking Quotes

I think that what we should do is have short, clipped conversations on the telephone so someone can always get us, not talking about inane stuff and having someone trying to get you. I also think weve just got to be more sensitive toward other people and not call them at night if you know theyve been working.
— Letitia Baldrige —

You should have me there as your representative to make sure he doesn't try to zap you with his sexy ray."
"Zap me with his sexy ray?"
"You know what I'm talking about. I barely saw him and I'm feeling the effects. He's like an ... electromagnetic pulse of sexy or something. So does his friend, Eric. They shouldn't be allowed in public."
"That's not how electromagnets work."
"Whatever. You get my point.

— Penny Reid

Before I could respond, Thalia tromped up the stairs. She was officially not talking to me now, but she looked at Grover and said, "Tell Percy to get his butt downstairs."
"Why?" I asked.
"Did he say something?" Thalia asked Grover.
"Um, he asked why."
"Dionysus is calling a council of cabin leaders to discuss the prophecy," she said. "Unfortunately, that includes Percy.

— Rick Riordan

There wasn't much that scared her. She was the strongest person I'd ever known. And I'm not talking about the kind of strength that's measured by the number of reps someone can perform. I'm talking about being fearless. About standing up for yourself. About not caring what people think.

— Elizabeth Eulberg

I'm the only one who gives her a whole can of tuna for lunch, and I'm not talking dreck, either. I'm talking Chicken of the Sea, Alex.

— Philip Roth

Tickets and lifts begged on carts, but Grigori was mesmerized by her face as she talked. Once again Lev listened with rapt attention, making amusing comments, asking the occasional question. Soon, Grigori noticed, Katerina had turned in her seat and was talking exclusively to Lev. Almost, Grigori thought, as if I was not even here.

— Ken Follett

Here's a story, and you don't have to visit many
houses to find it. One person is talking,
the other one is not really listening.
Someone can look like they are but they're
actually thinking about something they
want to say, or their minds are just
wandering. Or they're looking at that
little box people hold in their hands these
days. And people get discouraged, so they
quit trying. And the very quiet people,
you may have noticed, are often the sad

— Mary Oliver

The thing about talking about human rights is that when one bears in mind the sharp end of it, one does not want to worry too much about semantics.

— Tom Stoppard

There are definite vocal trends for every generation as well as accents and I'm not talking about regionalisms.

— Erica Schroeder

I've no objection to the term 'graphic novel,' as long as what it is talking about is actually some sort of graphic work that could conceivably be described as a novel. My main objection to the term is that usually it means a collection of six issues of Spider-Man, or something that does not have the structure or any of the qualities of a novel, but is perhaps roughly the same size.

— Alan Moore

I won't stop talking. I am a girl you have no control over. There is not a gag big enough to handle this mouth.

— Kathleen Hanna

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