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Ur My Smile Quotes

Patricia embraces me on the station platform. The past is what you leave behind in life, Ruby, she says with the smile of a reincarnated lama. Nonsense, Patricia, I tell her as I climb on board my train. The pasts what you take with you.
— Kate Atkinson —

I bet that smile could cure cancer.

— S.L. Morgan

Mom puts on a smile that looks like it belongs on somebody else's face.

— Natasha Friend

With a deep regret, I wiggled out from under him despite his sleepy protests and grabbed articles of clothing as I tiptoed to his door. What amazing willpower I had. What fantastic self-control. I'd come over for one reason, and everything but that reason seemed to be resolved. When I reached the door, I saw what looked like another note. But this was his door, not mine. I peeled it off, then angled it until I could read it by the light of the fire.
Is that all you've got?
With a smile spreading slowly across my face, I dropped everything I'd just picked up and went back for more.

— Darynda Jones

Humour is a manifestation of freedom. It is because there is freedom that there is smile.

— John Fowles

God formed us for His pleasure, and so formed us that we as well as He can in divine communion enjoy the sweet and mysterious mingling of kindred personalities. He meant us to see Him and live with Him and draw our life from His smile. But we have been guilty of that "foul revolt" of which Milton speaks when describing the rebellion of Satan and his hosts. We have broken with God. We have ceased to obey Him or love Him and in guilt and fear have fled as far as possible from His Presence.

— A.W. Tozer

The people of Liberia know what it means to be deprived of clean water, but we also know what it means to see our children to begin to smile again with a restoration of hope and faith in the future.

— Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Few things inspire me more than a timely smile from someone I truly admire.

— Robert J. Braathe

If beauty is pain - let me get lost in it. If you're my salvation - I want to earn it. If love is all I have to give - then let me give it. You. It's all for you."
Gabe's eyes opened and locked in on mine.
"How can I prove that what I feel is real? You ask for truth I give you lies. You ask for joy I make you cry. But I don't want to lose you. Not like this. Not when I've left your heart in such a mess. Give me one chance - I'm letting go of the past - but I need you here to know."
"If beauty is pain - let me get lost in it. If you're my salvation - I want to earn it. If love is all I have to give - then let me give it. You, it's all for you." He paused, hitting the last few notes, and the song ended.
Gabe's smile lit up the room.
But I was frozen in place.
Me. He'd sung that to me.

— Rachel Van Dyken

I glance back at Drew, who is still
eyeing his phone and being awfully quiet. "Seriously, Baylor, I'm about to
confiscate that thing."
He raises a brow at me, and gives me his old, innocent grin-which I am not
falling for. "You really are a mom, aren't you?"
"As I recall, you played the role of Mom. I was Dad."
"Doesn't that mean we're on a date now? And all I get is this lousy dinner?"
Drew leans his arms on the table. "Where are my flowers?"
"I'll make it up to you with sweet talk later. Now answer the question, Battle.
What the hell is up with the phone?"
As if I've activated it, the damn thing lights up, and Drew glances down. He
fights to hide his smile. "What can I say? I'm totally pussy whipped by my wife to
be. That's right, I'm replacing you with Anna.

— Kristen Callihan

An ugly smile. An ugly soul.

— George R.R. Martin

I was desperate."
"That wasn't the entire reason." His low voice sounded like a purr. "You also had a taste for the devil."
"I didn't! I don't!"
"You enjoyed cornering me, an infamous rake, in my own home with an offer I couldn't afford to refuse. Don't try to deny it- I know you well enough by now."
Incredibly, despite her grief and worry, Evie felt a smile working up to her lips. "Perhaps I did enjoy it, for a moment," she admitted.

— Lisa Kleypas

Death Grinn'd horrible a ghastly smile, to hear His famine should be fill'd.

— John Milton

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