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Unicycle Quotes

Squirting isnt easy, it has to be said. Then, neither is riding a unicycle. Just as some people sweat more than others, or eat more than others, some girls erupt in surging geysers of vaginal fluids with greater facility and in more generous quantities than others.
— Chloe Thurlow —

Marriage is a bike, not a unicycle

— Shon Hyneman

I do own a unicycle, which I use for workout purposes as opposed to doing tricks.

— Jay Duplass

But Jakob had the gift of confession, could talk about how he wanted to touch her and be with her, with all the daring and athletic skill he brought to riding a unicycle or walking on a tightrope. He was small and compact and muscular, and also intellectually muscular, mentally something of an acrobat. Sometimes she felt that those intellectual acrobatics were a bit tiring; at those times she felt less as if they were feeling everything together, more as if she were simply his audience, someone to applaud his latest leap through the burning hoop of existentialism and his backflip onto the trampoline of nonconformity. But

— Joe Hill

Yes, okay, it's cool to be quirky, maybe, on the side. Do some puzzles, make puzzles, whatever, learn how to ride a unicycle. That's cool when it's on the side and you have a plan. What happens when you remove the plan? What you're left with is a guy who likes to do anagrams. And doesn't have a job ... Sweet, that's a catch.

— Demetri Martin

A person riding a unicycle on a tightrope doesn't worry about being likeable; they're doing something amazing that very few people can do.

— Ted Alexandro

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