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U Make Me Fool Quotes

No, the fault lies with the artists," Claire went on. "The writers, the singers, the tellers of tales. Its them that take the past and re-create it to their liking. Them that could take a fool and give you back a hero, take a sot and make him a king.
— Diana Gabaldon —

The moment you admit someone into your heart you make yourself a fool,

— Yiyun Li

It was Leslie who had taken him from the cow pasture into Terabithia and turned him into a king. He had thought that was it. Wasn't king the best you could be? Now it occurred to him that perhaps Terabithia was like a castle where you came to be knighted. After you stayed for a while and grew strong you had to move on. For hadn't Leslie, even in Terabithia, tried to push back the walls of his mind and make him see beyond to the shining world-huge and terrible and beautiful and very fragile? (Handle with care-everything-even the predators.)
Now it was time for him to move out. She wasn't there, so he must go for both of them. It was up to him to pay back to the world in beauty and caring what Leslie had loaned him in vision and strength.
As for the terrors ahead-for he did not fool himself that they were all behind him-well, you just have to stand up to your fear and not let it squeeze you white. Right, Leslie?

— Katherine Paterson

A woman may possess the wisdom and chastity of Minerva, and we give no heed to her, if she has a plain face. What folly will not a pair of bright eyes make pardonable? What dullness may not red lips are sweet accents render pleasant? And so, with their usual sense of justice, ladies argue that because a woman is handsome, therefore she is a fool. O ladies, ladies! there are some of you who are neither handsome nor wise.

— William Makepeace Thackeray

To be full of yourself is to make a fool of yourself.

— Ashly Lorenzana

Always remember, money isn't everything - but also remember to make a lot of it before talking such fool nonsense.

— Earl Wilson

Butch, let me help you."
He cursed. "What if-"
"What ifs don't cut it." She took a deep breath. "I won't lie. I'm scared. But I don't want to turn my back on you and you're a fool to try and make me."
He shook his head, respect in his eyes. "You always been this courageous?"
"No. But it appears that for you, I guess I am. So are you going to let me in?"
"I want to. I feel like I need to.

— J.R. Ward

Dad wouldn't let me fool with his guitar much, because I'm left-handed, and I'd pick it up upside down. But I remember learning to sing 'Paper Doll,' the Mills Brothers song - this was during the war - and I remember my dad taking me down to one of those little record booths where you could make spoken letters to send home.

— Don Everly

Baby, that's grammar school. Any damn fool can beg up some
kind of job; it takes a wise man to make it without working. Out
here we call it hustling. I'd like to be a good hustler.

— Charles Bukowski

It's very easy to fool yourself that you're working, you know, when you're really not working very hard. I mean, I'm very lazy. So for me, I would always have an excuse, you know, to go - quit early, go to a museum, you know. So I do everything I can to make myself remember this is a job. I keep a schedule.

— Robert Caro

Any fool can waste, any fool can muddle, but it takes something of a man to save, and the more he saves the more of a man does it make of him.

— Rudyard Kipling

There isn't any question that Hollywood is profit driven. Anybody that thinks it isn't is a fool. It's a business. Hollywood was never philanthropy. The only purpose it had was making money; the only purpose it still has is to make money.

— Sydney Pollack

Modesty may make a fool seem a man of sense.

— Jonathan Swift

You can cheat an honest man but not make a fool out of him.

— Confucius

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