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U Kiss Quotes

I just want to kiss you." He slid his hand up her neck, cupping the side of her face. "Do you want to kiss me?
— Aprilynne Pike —

Every morning when I wake up, I kiss her forehead as symbol of gratitude and appreciation and she repays me back with a lovely smile.

— M.F. Moonzajer

A kiss is the beginning of cannibalism.

— Georges Bataille

I didn't know I was lost
Until you found me
I never knew what love was
Until you touched my hand
I lost myself long ago
In between your lips
And now here you are
You steal my breath away
Until you I never really knew heaven
Cause until you it was only ever hell
I didn't know I was so far gone
Until you brought me home
I promise you, girl
I know you're shattered
I'll pick up your pieces
And make you whole again
Cause until you girl
I've been shattered too
Since my very first kiss
It's only been you

— Christine Zolendz

Is that a rule? Do you have a rule that you can't kiss people in the morning?

— Holly Hood

What Hans had intended to end at a simple kiss quickly escalated into something neither one of them seemed able to stop.

— Nicki Elson

He's kissing me like he's lost me and he's found me and I'm slipping away and he's never going to let me go. I want to scream, sometimes, I want to collapse, sometimes, I want to die knowing that I've known what it was like to live with this kiss, this heart, this soft soft explosion that makes me feel like I've taken a sip of the sun, like I've eaten clouds 8,9, and 10.

— Tahereh Mafi

For all that I have kissed before, I have never felt anything like this. It is as if I have swallowed a tiny piece of the sun, its warmth and light reaching into every corner of my soul and chasing away the shadows.
I surrender to that kiss - surrender to the strength and the courage and the sheer goodness of the man.

— R.L. LaFevers

A first kiss is hard to fake on screen. It's tempting to practice before you shoot, but why blow that natural awkwardness on a rehearsal? There's something so beautiful about it that can't be faked.

— Maggie Grace

And when it comes, her kiss is like something not so much felt as found.

— Libba Bray

He kissed her then. He had to kiss her, to try out every way he could move his mouth over hers-hard and soft, deep and reverent-and he had to move his tongue against hers and cup her breast in his hand because he was so fucking grateful and so fucking lost.

— Ruthie Knox

I'd never known that
anyone could kiss in English, kiss in apologies.

— Karen Chance

O dear Himalaya ... why are you so amazing, can I kiss your peak or can I just let your silence speak ... O dear Himalaya ...

— Santosh Kalwar

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