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Turns 1 Quotes

When I started Record Collection, I had no idea that it would come out sounding the way that it did, and thats one of the best things about the creative process, taking turns with the things you didnt know.
— Mark Ronson —

The heart is like a woman, and the head is like a man, and although man is the head of woman, woman is the heart of man, and she turns man's head because she turns his heart.

— Peter Kreeft

You're not completely alone, you have me! Even if the entire world turns its back on you, you'll still be the strongest as long as you have me!

— Kyo Shirodaira

The Lesson You've Got
to learn is the someday you'll someday
stagger to, blinking in cold light, all tears
shed, ready to poke your bovine head
in the yoke they've shaped.
Everyone learns this. Born, everyone
breathes, pays tax, plants dead
and hurts galore. There's grief enough
for each. My mother
learned by moving man to man,
outlived them all. The parched earth's
bare (once she leaves it) of any who watched
the instants I trod it.
Other than myself, of course.
I've made a study of bearing
and forbearance. Everyone does,
it turns out, and note
those faces passing by: Not one's a god.

— Mary Karr

If by some bizarre chance there turns out to be a god [ ... ], I'm willing to bet he's an atheist too.

— Salman Rushdie

There are, however, at least two varieties of imagination in the reader's case. So let us see which one of the two is the right one to use in reading a book. First, there is the comparatively lowly kind which turns for support to the simple emotions and is of a definitely personal nature ... This lowly variety is not the kind of imagination I would like readers to use.
So what is the authentic instrument to be used by the reader? It is impersonal imagination and artistic delight. What should be established, I think, is an artistic harmonious balance between the reader's mind and the author's mind.

— Vladimir Nabokov

A nation is only an individual multiplied. It makes plans and Circumstances comes and upsets them-or enlarges them. Some patriots throw the tea overboard; some other patriots destroy a Bastille. The PLANS stop there; then Circumstance comes in, quite unexpectedly, and turns these modest riots into a revolution.
And there was poor Columbus. He elaborated a deep plan to find a new route to an old country. Circumstance revised his plan for him, and he found a new WORLD. And HE gets the credit of it to this day. He hadn't anything to do with it.

— Mark Twain

You're lying to yourself. Voron made us into serial killers. We can be okay without violence for a few weeks, but after a couple of months, the hand starts itching for the sword. You start looking for that rush. You get irritable, life turns stale, and then one day some fool crosses your path, attacks, and as you cut him down, you feel that short moment of struggle when he leverages his life against yours. If you're lucky, he's very good and the fight lasts a few seconds. But even if it doesn't, that short moment of triumph is like getting an adrenaline shot. Suddenly color comes back into life, food tastes better, sleep is deeper, and sex is rapture.
I knew exactly what he was talking about. I lived it and I felt it.

— Ilona Andrews

Error is related to truth as sleeping is to waking. I have observed that when one has been in error, one turns to truth as though revitalized.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind.

— Anthony The Great

When I look inside and see that I'm nothing, that's wisdom. When I look outside and see that I'm everything, that's love. And between these two, my life turns.

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

What I eat turns into my body. What I read turns into my mind.

— Mason Cooley

As with ships, so with men; he who turns his back to his foe gives him an advantage.

— Herman Melville

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