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Tube Station Quotes

You are gonna shoot me," he says. "One day." Hes still holding Lindsays hand, hes looking down at where their fingers are wound together and not at Lindsays face, but his voice is clear. "I aint thick. I know youll get sick of me. You cant just let me go, I know too much, youd be freaked out forever in case I snitched. Youll get proper sick of me one day, not just annoyed, and then youll shoot me. Its okay." "I wont get sick of you," Lindsay says. He feels numb and far away, as if its somebody else talking, and almost like hes going to throw up, a sort of lurch in his stomach like when youre at the top of the the Angel tube station escalator and somebody a bit too eager to get on the train shoves you from behind. "Yeah you will. Im gonna be with you til I die, though. Least I can say that and know its true, how many people can do that? Bit romantic, really. If you squint, and look at it sideways.
— Richard Rider —

The tube station that arrived from the port had six wide doors, which emptied to the casino floor. Miller accepted a drink from a tired-looking woman in a G-string and bared breasts and found a screen to stand at that afforded him a view of all six doors.

— James S.A. Corey

Somehow, this was one oddity too many. He could accept "Mind the Gap" and the Earl's Court, and even the strange library. But damn it, like all Londoners, he knew his Tube map, and this was going too far. "There isn't a British Museum Station," said Richard, firmly.

— Neil Gaiman

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