Truth Vs Honesty Quotes

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Truth Vs Honesty Quotes

What a subtle, treacherous thing it was to let yourself go that way! Because once youve started it was terribly difficult to stop; soon you were saying "Im sorry, of course youre right", and "Whatever you think is best", and "youre the most wonderful and valuable thing int he world", and the next thing you knew all honesty, all truth, was as far away and glimmering, as hopelessly unattainable as the world of the golden people.
— Richard Yates —

Most certainly not. Why face this with honesty and directness? It is so much more fun to dance around the truth, dodge the reality of the situation, which is that you are in love with this man, you share some kind of unhappy past with him ... and that he has feelings for you, as well. Why would you ever wish to deal with that head on?

— Jess Michaels

The bourgeois novel is the greatest enemy of truth and honesty that was ever invented.

— J.G. Ballard

Honesty is the best policy in international relations, interpersonal relations, labor, business, education, family and crime control because truth is the only thing that works and the only foundation on which lasting relations can build.

— Ramsey Clark

Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth.

— Ken Blanchard

Is not anyone with any degree of mental honesty conscious of telling lies all day long, both in talking and writing, simply because lies will fall into artistic shape when truth will not?

— George Orwell

Maybe it's easier to think about dishonesty and what kind of trouble you can get into as a writer when love and honesty collide and you sidestep that collision, either because you want to protect somebody or you want to blame somebody - which are the usual impulses in love: protection and blame, frequently at the same time - so you don't exactly tell the truth.

— Leigh Newman

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