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Train Wreck Quotes

Our economy continues to struggle with slow economic growth, high unemployment and stagnant wages. "Obama cares" raising costs. Thats making it harder for small businesses to hire. In short, its a train wreck.
— John Boehner —

So basically you're just a fucking train wreck?" she joked.
"I prefer conflicted," I corrected.

— Chasta Schneider

I'm a fucking train wreck, baby, I admit it. But ... I want to be better. I want to be the kind of man you need.

— Skye Jordan

Rocky, if I've learned anything from my train wreck of a marriage, it's that no one can take care of me better than I can.

— Starr Ambrose

It was like watching an angsty hormone-fueled train wreck and firmly cemented my resolve to be at least twenty-five before I considered getting hitched.

— Stacey Jay

I'll never get laid trying to keep you safe. You're a train wreck on steroids.

— Karen Marie Moning

We're vampires," he said. "Not fairies."
"Sometimes I'm not so sure about that. You see that study your king hangs out in?"
"He's nearly blind."
"Which explains why he hasn't hanged himself in that pastel train wreck."
"I thought you were bitching about the gloom-and-doom decorating?"
"I free-associate.

— J.R. Ward

Oh, you're such a hopeless case, Cassie. Such a train wreck.

— Rick Yancey

I'm kind of in between organized and messy, so if I have the right things to keep me organized, it's easier for me to stay that way. If I don't have the right tools, I'm a train wreck.

— Odette Annable

Voting for Romney after the train wreck of that was the eight years of W. Bush is like losing your pay check playing a rigged game of three-card monte and then playing the same game again a week later 'cause the cards are a different color.

— Adam McKay

People love to watch a train wreck, I suppose.

— Ellen Pompeo

I just see a huge train wreck coming down. You and I have discussed this many times, and I don't see any results yet.

— Max Baucus

I have always felt a little strange about it being so unique that I'm not a train wreck. Like, this weird fluke that I'm not - partying all the time.

— Taylor Swift

I dont think we're the type of band people look at and say, 'I want to grow up to be just like that'. We're like a train wreck.

— Billy Corgan

It was a train wreck happening right in front of me and I couldn't do anything about it, except that not only was I watching, I was also the train.

— Lisa Kleypas

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