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Together But Not Together Quotes

You know what I find amazing is within Christianity it is not uncommon to find [married] people who dont have sexual intimacy, dont have emotional intimacy, dont have spiritual intimacy, dont pray together, dont do their life together, dont put their schedules together, dont put their budgets together, but they dont get divorced. So they can pat themselves on the back and say, Were good Christians. Theyre divorced in everything but the paperwork.
— Mark Driscoll —

The American revolution, the terms are these: not that I drive you out or that you drive me out, but that we come together and embrace and learn to live together. That is the only way that we can have achieved the American revolution.
Now, if we can face this, it involves facing a great many things. It demands that white people face the fact that I, for example, or any black person they will ever meet or have ever met-I am not an exotic rarity. I am not a stranger. I am none of those things. On the contrary, for all you know, for all you know, I might be your uncle, your brother, your cousin, among other things. One of the things that has happened here-and the pathology of the Deep South proves it; so does the pathology of the North, which dictates to them that they move out and I move in-among other things which have to be excavated here is the fact that this long history is also the history of a love affair.

— James Baldwin

While we were together, you know, there was nothing to be feared ... The only time that I ever really suffered in body or mid, the only time that I ever fancied myself unwell, or had any ideas of danger, was the winter that I passed by myself at Deal, when the Admiral (Captain Croft then) was in the North Seas. I lived in perpetual fright at that time, and had all manner of imaginary complaints from not knowing what to do with myself, or when I should hear from him next; but as long as we could be together, nothing ever ailed me, and I never met with the smallest inconvenience.

— Jane Austen

In solitude we become aware that we were together before we came together and that life is not a creation of our will but rather an obedient response to the reality of our being united.

— Henri Nouwen

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