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Tired- Humor Quotes

Those screams had been growing steadily louder, as the torture masters of Eld worked their way down the line of new prisoners. A few chimes ago, however, the screams had fallen mysteriously silent. "Do you think the torture masters have tired themselves out?" Gaelen pondered with black humor. "More likely, were next, and theyve just gone to sharpen their blades," Tajik said. Locked up in the room with them, Farel gave a grunting laugh of amusement. "Could be. Theyve been using them enough." "You know," Gil announced, "as rescues go, I have to say this one pretty much scorches rultshart turds.
— C.L. Wilson —

What took you so long?" Nash asked, as he slid into the passenger seat and pulled the door closed.
"I stopped to donate all your underwear to the homeless. You're gonna wanna take care of those tighty whities-they're all you've got left."
He leaned against the door, either too tired or too drunk to sit up. "And to think, most people don't understand your sense of humor."
"Fools, all of them.

— Rachel Vincent

I'm very tired of staring out into your vacant faces looking back at me. Wanting to fill your empty lives with humor you couldn't possibly think of yourself ... Good evening!

— Bill Hicks

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