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Time And Space Love Quotes

The Waterfall and the Sea Her love and passion are a waterfall, fed from the wellspring of her heart, gently tumbling into a pool, preparing herself to share her gifts. His passion and love are like the sea, deep and wide, waiting mysteriously, Patiently he awaits her calling out through time and space She hears his call, her pool overflowing. Her love and passion gushing over her banks she rushes toward him Winding and twisting she finds her way, destined to reach his shores He awaits her arrival and she opens her delta as his tide comes in Their waters mingle every molecule of her river with his sea Forever mixing and sharing their passion and love in that place between The Waterfall and the Sea
— Christopher Earle —

When one's married for so long, always walking on four feet and always
breathing double breaths and thinking every thought twice through and
the time between the main things is packed double full with minor
details - then, sometimes, naturally, one yearns like an arrow for one
whole space thin as air. And you start up in the night, terrified by
your own breathing, which had just been going along as evenly without
you. But you don't rise up free - or even really as far as your knees
- not once. You strike a match. And there's one of you right there,
wrapped in flesh. Only then is it love.

— Robert Musil

And you can't help but worry for them, love them, want for them - those who go on down the close, foetid galleries of time and space without you.

— Tim Winton

Where do I come from?
We are the children of the Great Explosion of Love that begot the whole Universe. We bear a common lineage that unites us in its interminable matrix, that is manifested in all of the different and infinite dimensions, allowing us to participate in this unending co-creation with an attitude of loving co-responsibility.
Who am I?
I am a being of light (Love), with innumerable dimensional manifestations of shadings of Love and Life. The transitory experience within matter, time and space (human being) resides in those manifestations. This allows me the use of my free will in a co-responsible way in the co-creative process of life.

— Ivan Figueroa-Otero

Linden. There is a space in my chest that I've never noticed before. It's like, all this time, I've had a whole other heart in there and that heart holds a whole other world. I never really noticed it because it was hidden. It wasn't activated. It wasn't shining and so I couldn't see it. But now it is." A tear trickles down my face but I don't wipe it away. "You've made it shine, Linden. That new heart, that new world, it's all you. I feel like it takes up every inch of my body, like I'm blooming each day. You're in me and I can't hide it or contain it or ignore it. You blind me. You are me." I take in a deep breath. "I guess I'm trying to say that I love you.

— Karina Halle

She really did possess a love for humanity, and the further removed humanity was, both in space and time, the more she loved it.

— James Hilton

We are preoccupied with time. If we could learn to love space as deeply as we are now obsessed with time, we might discover a new meaning in the phrase 'to live like men.

— Edward Abbey

Love is the time and space where "I" give myself the right to be extraordinary.

— Julia Kristeva

Liberation from constraints that operate at the level of ordinary humanity
limits imposed by space and time, by the needs of the body, and by the opaqueness of the computer-like mind. All three examples [Jacob Lorber, Edgar Cayce, and Therese Neumann] illustrates the paradoxical truth that such 'higher powers' cannot be acquired by any kind of attack or conquest conducted by the human personality; only when the striving for 'power' has entirely ceased and been replaced by a certain transcendental longing, often called the love of God, may they, or may they not be 'added unto you.

— E. F. Schumacher

Let somebody prove friendship which time and space cannot jolt, and then accept the love. Don't accept the love first and then find the friendship; it will never come. You have lost the game.

— Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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