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Things Go Bad Quotes

When things go bad, dont go with them.
— Elvis Presley —

I'm bad at some things."
She raised an eyebrow. "Name one thing."
Making you fall in love with me the way I've always been in love with you. You only ever saw the jock while you let those artist assholes chase you. And hurt you.

— Bella Andre

And there is good money to be made when things are bad.

— Kameron Hurley

I don't see any option except to stick to the plan. Split up, infiltrate, find out why they're here. If things go bad-" "We use the backup plan," Piper said. Jason hated the backup plan. Before they left the ship, Leo had given each of them an emergency flare the size of a birthday candle. Supposedly, if they tossed one in the air, it would shoot upward in a streak of white phosphorus, alerting the Argo II that the team was in trouble. At that point, Jason and the girls would have a few seconds to take cover before the ship's catapults fired on their position, engulfing the palace in Greek fire and bursts of Celestial bronze shrapnel.

— Rick Riordan

It's not that bad things never happen. But there's a pattern in which most people are calm, resourceful, altruistic, and they improvise emergency systems that work really well - whether it's getting the babies out of a collapsed hospital or putting together a community kitchen to feed everybody for the next few months.

— Rebecca Solnit

Here's the poem in part: If things go bad for you - And make you a bit ashamed, Often you will find out that You have yourself to blame ... Swiftly we ran to mischief And then the bad luck came. Why do we fault others? We have ourselves to blame ... Whatever happens to us, Here are the words we say, "Had it not been for so-and-so Things wouldn't have gone that way." And if you are short of friends, I'll tell you what to do - Make an examination, You'll find the fault's in you ... You're the captain of your ship, So agree with the same - If you travel downward, You have yourself to blame.*

— Ben Carson

I thought at the time of my parents' divorce that I was upset by deeper, more profound things and I was just taking it out on the joint custody agreement. But that disruption was bad enough. That was a huge deal for a teenager.

— Noah Baumbach

We make a big mistake when we conclude that the law is the answer to bad behavior. In fact, the law alone stirs up more of such behavior. People get worse, not better, when you lay down the law. To be sure, the Spirit does use both God's law and God's gospel in our sanctification. But the law and the gospel do very different things.

— Tullian Tchividjian

It's a beautiful religion and I wish I understood it more. No, I don't want to understand it all. It's beautiful because it's always a mystery. Sometimes I say I don't believe in God and Jesus and Mary. I'm a bad Catholic because I miss mass once in a while and I grumble when, at confession, I get a heavy penance for something I couldn't help doing. But good or bad, I am a Catholic and I'll never be anything else.
Of course, I didn't ask to be born Catholic, no more than I asked to be born American. But I'm glad it turned out that I'm both these things.

— Betty Smith

I was bad, I had done bad things, I had hurt people, and the worst of it was, I didn't want to stop. Blue

— Janet Fitch

It's very tempting to over-eat all the bad things when you're on a film set.

— Roger Moore

I know there is something out there and like most people, I tend to believe in it more when things go bad.

— Maggie Smith

The sky gets crowded at night, and it is a bit like watching a clock, seeing the constellations slide across the sky. It's comforting to know that they'll show up, however bad the day has been, however crook things get. That used to help in France. It put things into perspective-the stars had been around since before there were people. They just kept shining, no matter what was going on.

— M.L. Stedman

Lord, look down on Thy Servant!
Bad things have come to pass.
There is no heat in the midday sun, nor health in the wayside grass.
His bones are full of an old disease-his torments run and increase.
Lord, make haste with Thy Lightning and grant him a quick release!

— Cherise Sinclair

Parents usually educate their children merely in such a manner than however bad the world may be, they may adapt themselves to its present conditions. But they ought to give them an education so much better than this, that a better condition of things may thereby be brought about by the future.

— Immanuel Kant

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