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There Is No Second Place Quotes

Be the best. There is no second place.
— Frank Beddor —

I have previously reduced the whole science of logic to two facts.
The first is that our perceptions being every thing for us, we are
perfectly, completely, and necessarily sure of whatever we actually feel.
The second is that consequently none of our judgments, separately
taken, can be erroneous: inasmuch as we see one idea in another it is
actually there; but their falsity, when it takes place, is purely relative
to anterior judgments, which we permit to subsist; and it consists in
this, that we believe the idea in which we perceive a new element to
be the same as that we have always had under the same sign, when it
is really different, since the new element which we actually see there
is incompatible with some of those which we have previously seen;
so that to avoid contradiction we must either take away the former or
not admit the latter.

— Antoine Destutt De Tracy

I live completely without regret. Sure there are plenty of things that someone could second guess, but I see the path of life like driving down the road without a map. The thing is, some dark alleys open up in majestic places, and some bright and shiny highways to the top end in cliffs to the bottom. You never know until you get there. What I know for sure is that if many years ago I actually had a map to the path of life, the destination that I would have chosen is right here, with this family, in this place, and with these smiles. That makes anything that could have been regretful, the best decision in the world.

— Michael A. Wood Jr.

First, no qualms. Not the thinnest sliver of misgiving about the value of his work. He was able to feel that the most important job in the world was putting over Monsoon. In the second place, he was as uninhibited as a performing seal. He never questioned his right to monopolize conversations or his ability to do it entertainingly. And then there was his colossal lack of perspective. This was one of his most valuable gifts, for perspective doesn't always pay. It can slow you down.

— Budd Schulberg

Maybe happiness didn't have to be about the big, sweeping circumstances, about having everything in your life in place. Maybe it was about stringing together a bunch of small pleasures. Wearing slippers and watching the Miss Universe contest. Eating a brownie with vanilla ice cream. Getting to level seven in Dragon Master and knowing there were twenty more levels to go.
Maybe happiness was just a matter of the little upticks- the traffic signal that said "Walk" the second you go there- and downticks- the itch tag at the back of your collar- that happened to every person in the course of the day. Maybe everybody had the same allotted measure of happiness within each day.
maybe it didn't matter if you were a world-famous heartthrob or a painful geek. Maybe it didn't matter if your friend was possibly dying.
Maybe you just got through it. Maybe that was all you could ask for.

— Ann Brashares

All through first and second and third hour, Eleanor rubbed her palm. Nothing happened.
How could it be possible that there were that many never ending all in one place?
And were they always there, or did they just flip on wherever they felt like it? Because, if they were always there, how did she manage to turn doorknobs without fainting?
Maybe this was why so many people said it felt better to drive a stick shift.

— Rainbow Rowell

When writing is great, Mitchell told me of the books he loved as a reader, your mind is nowhere else but in this world that started off in the mind of another human being. There are two miracles at work here. One, that someone thought of that world and people in the first place. And the second, that there's this means of transmitting it. Just little ink marks on squashed wood fiber. Bloody amazing.

— David Mitchell

Let me say to you sisters that you do not hold a second place in our Father's plan for the eternal happiness and well-being of His children. You are an absolutely essential part of that plan. Without you the plan could not function. Without you the entire program would be frustrated ... Each of you is a daughter of God, endowed with a divine birthright. You need no defense of that position ... There is strength and great capacity in the women of this Church. There is leadership and direction, a certain spirit of independence, and yet great satisfaction in being a part of the Lord's kingdom..

— Gordon B. Hinckley

My mother isn't mentioned, but what she taught me to say in place of ain't I? or aren't I? or ain't I? was am I not? Speed isn't everything. So I lose a micro-second here and there. The main thing is to be a graceful parvenu.

— Kurt Vonnegut

There is no doubt that man is a competitive animal and there is no place where this fact is more obvious than in the ring. There is no second place. Either you win or you lose. When they call you a champion, it's because you don't lose. To win takes a complete commitment of mind and body.

— Rocky Marciano

There are ever two ways of striving to fill one's place in the world: one is by seeking to prove one's self useful; the other, by striving to render one's self useless. The first way is the commoner and the more attractive; the second is the rarer and more noble.

— Henry Clay Trumbull

I lived in New York for 10 years, I loved it, I never second-guessed it. There were definitely times when I thought, "I will never leave this place." And I kind of got into that center-of-the-universe mindset.

— Ed Helms

There are two things to be considered with regard to any scheme. In the first place, Is it good in itself? In the second, Can it be easily put into practice?

— Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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