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The Nature Of Humans Quotes

But the people only talked about how ugly her face looked. No one even bothered to mention what a sweet, kindhearted girl she was. Now, dont be amazed! That is just the nature of humans, to notice the one flaw among a persons ten good qualities.
— Janaki Sooriyarachchi —

I had no idea what humans were capable of. I heard they were crafty, but how are they able to do such things?
You mean harness light and water? Speedy asked. Change the weather?
It's only the beginning, Speedy said. There are more marvels waiting. Some not so marvelous.
Such as?
Be not in haste, said the tortoise.
There is nothing here but time.
If you live long enough, you will see.
Of course, though, you will see them from your cage.
Live long enough? I asked. Are there mortal dangers here?
The tortoise chuckled.
The boy doesn't always take very good care of his prisoners, Rex the lizard chimed in.
What do you mean? He doesn't feed us enough?
Sometimes he doesn't understand what we need to survive, Rex answered. Sometimes he plays too rough.
How can a creature able to bend the laws of nature be so cruel? I asked.

— Patrick Jennings

What if I'm so broken I can never do something as basic as feed myself? Do you realize how twisted that is? It amazes me sometimes that humans still exist. We're just animals, after all. And how can an animal get so removed from nature that it loses the instinct to keep itself alive?

— Amy Reed

In the material world below, she always felt lonely and there was nobody to understand her true nature. She always knew that she didn't belong to the world of humans. She thought they were all possessive and has limited ways of thinking. She always kept longing for her true home and could never find it.

— Stevan V. Nikolic

Nothing exists without a purpose. And we humans are subject to the laws of nature just as everything else on earth is.

— Caroline Myss

The strongest argument against totalitarianism may be a recognition of a universal human nature; that all humans have innate desires for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The doctrine of the blank slate ... is a totalitarian's dream.

— Steven Pinker

We need a government, alas, because of the nature of humans.

— P. J. O'Rourke

Perhaps most important for nomads was the belief in the symbiosis that existed between wolf and humans on the steppe. Wolves were an integral part of keeping the balance of nature, ensuring that plagues of rabbits and rodents didn't break out, which in turn protected the all-important pasture for the nomads' herds.

— Tim Cope

Narcissistic humans do their quite pathetic best to kill nature off, oblivious to their self-reliance on its upkeep, yet nature will only take so much bureaucratic bullying before it snaps a deadly snap- for it does not need your approval, your organized banditry, your prepubescent social laws. your trades of cheapening commerce, your militant preachment, your apologies or blind belief of superiority ... as if a presidential seat gives you intolerable presumption of dominance over this earth's terrain! Watch, wait, and listen, and soon you'll be bitten.

— Morrissey

We can see from the experience of Odin that the image of the tree was the template within which all of the sacred world could be apprehended. The tree was the framework within which one "flew" to these Otherworlds. And since the exploration of sacred space was also a quest into the nature of human consciousness, the tree was regarded as an image of the ways in which we, humans, are constructed psychically. It was a natural model for our deepest wisdom, our highest aspirations.

— Brian Bates

Humans have made a huge hole in nature in the last 10,000 years. [With de-extinction,] we have the ability now, and maybe the moral obligation, to repair some of the damage.

— Stewart Brand

What I love most about nature is how indifferent it is to us humans and human suffering. While we are here with our little or big tragedies-the wind is blowing, the leaves are rustling in the trees, the flowers bloom, and die-there's a great comfort in that indifference,

— Valzhyna Mort

In the end, the question is not, how do we use nature to serve our interests? It's how can we use humans to serve nature's interest?'

— William McDonough

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