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The Movie Quotes

I have a totally unhealthy and unrealistic fear of being eaten by a great white shark. This is because I belong to a very specific demographic called American Child Whose Parents Made the Ill-Advised Decision To Allow Her To Watch the Movie Jaws At a Sleepover During Her Formative Years.
— Elle Lothlorien —

I've had worse," Michael said, his voice strained. He shifted his weight, testing the leg, and made a hissing sound-but it supported his weight. "Only a flesh wound." "Yeah," I said. "'Tis but a scratch. Come on, ya pansy." He blinked and looked at me. "Pansy?" "Oh," I said. "You weren't quoting the movie. Sorry." "Movie?" "Holy Grail?" "Nicodemus still has it." I sighed. "Never mind.

— Jim Butcher

This world is the movie of what everything is, it is one movie, made of the same stuff throughout, belonging to nobody, which is what everything is.

— Jack Kerouac

The characters are trapped within the lifestyle. It's about what goes on before the movie starts.

— Sam Mendes

I start with the music before I start writing the movie. It's such an important part for me, emotionally, to set up the tone for the movie.

— Max Winkler

I'm not a fan of 'Gone With the Wind.' I didn't like the movie. I didn't like the book.

— Octavia Spencer

I'm prepared to take risks. And every movie that I do is a risk. No one knows what the movie is going out turn out like.

— Jason Statham

It's an incredible education [for the movie J. Edgar Hoover] . It was like I did a college course on J. Edgar Hoover but not knowing and understanding the history and reading the books, but understanding what motivated this man was the most fascinating part of the research.

— Dustin Lance Black

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