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That's The Way I Am Quotes

I am very intense. I cant help it. Thats the way I am. You cant be in this business without being intense. The pressure and tension get to you; it cant help but show on you.
— Irene Cara —

I have only one way to blow the steam off, i make money, you spend money thats funny,now i'm smilling like thats honey

— Mohlalefi J Motsima

When you are at the top then is only one way to go and thats Down

— Irshad Kaukab

They told me never fall in love, it never works out in your favor. You way too young and right now thats just human nature.

— Mac Miller

Sometimes you cant understand why things happen the way they do.. unwillingly were forced to ride the waves.. and thats hard for us humans, considering were programmed to make sense of the chaos, rationalize with the unrational.. and right when you feel theres no life left to be drained, right before the point of giving up.. something happens. its almost super natural, this phenomenon in which there always seems to be a slight, bleak sign of hope. a small light in the dark. but its all i needed. and now that the waves have calmed.. i feel almost, warm, senseable.. i feel safe, i feel sound. and in this moment. i know where i stand. i dont question it anymore. its just where im suppose to be.

— William James Peter O'Brien

I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am.

— Diana Princess Of Wales

I swear love is the most powerful emotion thats ever existed. It owns people, devours them, tears them open and bleeds them out from the inside, making them defenseless to everything. Hate is the same way. Hate takes your levelheadedness and even your sanity away from you.

— Jessica Sorensen

To be able to keep the promise I made to God, I think that keeps me going. No matter how much the money had been, I would have always fulfilled my promise, as that's the way I am.

— Albert Gubay

I like a man who has a great curiosity and sense of adventure because that's the way I am. He has to have a willingness to be vulnerable and a willingness to see where the road takes us. And I want a man who is romantic.

— Mary Frann

I'm always very uncomfortable with people. It's something that I get upset with myself for, but that's the way I am. But I love people. And when I'm on the stage, I can embrace people and still feel safe.

— Nancy Marchand

I can't sum up my books. They're all rather complicated. Sometimes I think they're too complicated. But that's the way I am. When I start to write a book, my head gets full of all kinds of detail.

— Ruth Rendell

VLADIMIR: (after a moment of bewilderment). We'll see when the time comes. (Pause.) I was saying that things have changed here since yesterday.
ESTRAGON: Everything oozes.
VLADIMIR: Look at the tree.
ESTRAGON: It's never the same pus from one second to the next.
VLADIMIR: The tree, look at the tree. Estragon looks at the tree.
ESTRAGON: Was it not there yesterday?
VLADIMIR: Yes of course it was there. Do you not remember? We nearly hanged ourselves from it. But you wouldn't. Do you not remember?
ESTRAGON: You dreamt it.
VLADIMIR: Is it possible you've forgotten already?
ESTRAGON: That's the way I am. Either I forget immediately or I never forget.

— Samuel Beckett

Akira often gets mad at me because he thinks I'm too nice to strangers, and cold as a fish at home. What can I do? He's right, but that's the way I am. I'm more enthusiastic about people I've just met, whom I barely know at all, than with old friends. Before the awkwardness of a new acquaintance has worn off, I'm ready to offer myself up to that person.

— Banana Yoshimoto

It is not your right-based on YOUR traditions, YOUR customs and YOUR habits-to deny animals THEIR freedom so you can harm them, enslave them and kill them. Thats not what rights are about. Thats injustice. There is no counter-argument to veganism. Accept it. Apologize for the way youve been living. Make amends and move forward.

— Gary Yourofsky

I wanted to be scared again ... I wanted to feel unsure again. Thats the only way I learn, the only way I feel challenged.

— Connie Chung

Not that I ever did anything wrong. I was just aggressive. That's the way I am in my life.

— Joe Arpaio

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