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That Irritating Moment Quotes

Even Ben thought it was strange-Sage had said hed be down there. Ben wasnt concerned, though. In fact, he looked a little giddy. "Maybe he decided not to come to Tokyo," he chirped. "Oh well, well do better with just the two of us." I loved Ben, but he was seriously transparent. "We need Sage to get the Elixir, though." Not that I cared about the Elixir at the moment. I was actually starting to worry. Where was Sage? Was he okay? "He says we need him," Ben scoffed. "I bet the dark lady will tell us everything we need." "Try his cell," I told Rayna. She pulled out her phone and dialed. "No answer." "Text him." "Maybe he just bailed," Ben said. Ben was just way too happy about this. I got it, but it was irritating.
— Hilary Duff —

Let me say this. It was worth the whole awful, irritating time spent searching the Archives just to watch that moment happen. It was worth blood and fear of death to see her fall in love with him. Just a little. Just the first faint breath of love, so light she probably didn't notice it herself. It wasn't dramatic, like some bolt of lightning with crack of thunder following. It was more like when flint strikes steel and spark fades almost too fast for to you to see. But still, you know it's there, downs where you can't see, kindling.

— Patrick Rothfuss

When Jack came in he found him sitting before a tray of bird's skins and labels. Stephen looked up, and after a moment said, 'To a tormented mind there is nothing, I believe, more irritating than comfort. Apart from anything else it often implies superior wisdom in the comforter. But I am very sorry for your trouble, my dear.'
'Thank you, Stephen. Had you told me that there was always a tomorrow, I think I should have thrust your calendar down your throat.

— Patrick O'Brian

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