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Thankful Of You Quotes

Brave Livia, you never cease to amaze me." He lifted her chin with his finger. "Ive never been more thankful to be alive than right now." After soft kisses, they pressed their hands together palm to palm. The tingling scattered all over Livias body, warming her.
— Debra Anastasia —

Love is life is love. There is no way to envision life without love, and at this point in my life, I don't think there is anything more important-love of family, love of nature, love of travel, love of learning, love of life in every way-all of it. Love is being thankful, love is paying attention, love is being open and compassionate. Love is using all the privileges you possess to help those who are in need. Love is giving voice to those who don't have one. Love is a way of feeling alive and respecting life. I have been in love many times, but

— Diane Von Furstenberg

In Latino culture, the quinceanera's a big thing - it's when a girl becomes a woman. But I think age is just a number - you become a woman with the responsibilities you take on and the decisions you make. I started realizing that every day is a gift - you have every day to be thankful you're alive.

— Emily Rios

Look, if I ever stop being grateful for gigs, I just need to stop. Because this business is ... you know, it's just so kind of job-to-job, and the fact that I've continued working ... I'm just incredibly thankful for it. And I never, ever take it for granted.

— Tony Hale

In any case, life is beautiful, extremely beautiful. And when you are old you appreciate it more. When you are older you think, you remember, you care and you appreciate. You are thankful for everything. For everything.

— Alice Herz-Sommer

We have to do that. We have to be thankful. That's what we said. Two things were told to us: To be thankful, so those are our ceremonies, ceremonies of thanksgiving. We built nations around it, and you can do that, too. And the other thing they said was enjoy life. That's a rule, a law- enjoy life- you're supposed to.

— Oren Lyons

There's a great Albert Camus quote: 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.' When I first re-emerged, I was embarrassed to walk down the street. People would come up and say, 'I heard you were dead!' But I had to remind myself that a lot of the stuff I went through was pretty brutal. I'm definitely thankful that some of the rough patches are behind me.

— Natasha Lyonne

Realize that the privilege to work is a gift. Love of work is success. Be thankful that every morning that you get up that you have some thing that must be done (whether you like it or not).

— Richard L. Evans

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