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Taxi Quotes

We are Americans. We - we - we are - we are doctors. We are investment bankers. We are taxi drivers. We are store keepers. We are lawyers. We are - we are part of the fabric of America. And the way that America today treats its Muslims is being watched by over a billion Muslims worldwide.
— Feisal Abdul Rauf —

I imagined loading the God of the Sea into a taxi and taking him to the Upper East Side.

— Rick Riordan

On 'Taxi,' I had the great fortune of directing many wonderful episodes, none more classic than Reverend Jim's driving test. It was maybe the funniest show I did.

— James Burrows

I knew I had arrived when taxi drivers would say, 'You're that twit on the Billy Cotton Show, aren't you?'

— Jeremy Lloyd

Parked his taxi. Lily tried to talk to him twice on the

— Debbie Macomber

You know, one of the biggest thrills I have is when famous people recognize me from Taxi.

— Marilu Henner

The part in 'Taxi' was originally written for a guy named Phil Ryan, so they made it Phil Banta, and then they made it Tony Banta, which sounded a lot better anyway.

— Tony Danza

I think I would rather be a prime minister than a taxi driver.

— Jens Stoltenberg

We all jumped-a cab with its light on skidded across the lane to us, throwing up a fan of sewer-smelling water. "Watch it!" said Goldie, leaping aside as the taxi plowed to a stop-and then observing that my mother had no umbrella. "Wait," he said, starting into the lobby, to the collection of lost and forgotten umbrellas that he saved in a brass can by the fireplace and re-distributed on rainy days. "No," my mother called, fishing in her bag for her tiny candy-striped collapsible, "don't bother, Goldie, I'm all set-" Goldie sprang back to the curb and shut the taxi door after her. Then he leaned down and knocked on the window. "You have a blessed day," he said. iii. I LIKE TO THINK of myself as a perceptive person (as

— Donna Tartt

On how to make the game more exciting - Eliminate the referees, raise the basket four feet, double the size of the basketball, limit the height of the players to 5 feet 9 inches, bring back the centre jump, allow taxi drivers in for free and allow the players to carry guns.

— Al McGuire

Football kickers are like taxi cabs. You can always go out and hire another one.

— Buddy Ryan

In New York City, a lot of people think 'the great outdoors' is the area between your front door and a taxi cab.

— Michael Bloomberg

I think the idea that the hedge fund manager gets lower taxes than the taxi driver or the physics professor is insane. The legislators who leave that policy in place are derelict in their duties to be rational and fair. There are plenty of them in both political parties. It's totally outrageous.

— Charlie Munger

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