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Sweet Morning Honey Quotes

Well, look at it this way," Robin reasoned as I sat with him and Geoff at their kitchen table that night, half-plastered from the pitcher of margarita theyd blended up. Was I going to have a tequila hangover in the morning? Oh, honey, you bet your sweet ass I was. And how many fucks did I give? Not a one. "Even if you were overreacting to read what you read into this guys offer—which I dont think you were, though I doubt he actually thought it through enough to intend it to be read that way—you still have to ask yourself: Whats in it for you, hanging around some motel room waiting for a married man to make a booty call? What benefit would you get out of that situation, or out of prolonging your relationship with him? He might not have meant it to be an insulting offer, but it was absolutely a one hundred percent selfish offer. There was no upside for you whatsoever, unless the sex really was just that amazing.
— Amelia C. Gormley —

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